Are you guilty of neglecting your friends? If so you are not alone as sometimes life just gets in the way. If this is the case why not organise a night in?

Having a night in with your friends is a great way for everyone to let off steam, de-stress and have fun. We all live busy lives so it can be really hard to set a date when you are all free but it will most definitely be worth it in the end especially if it has been a while since you all got together. 

Choosing a game for games night

If you are planning a games night with your friends soon but at a bit of a loss for entertainment ideas you could hire or buy a karaoke machine, sit and talk or perhaps you might decide that you all want to play some games.

There are so many out there you will be spoilt for choice and I love that there is now a whole host of games that are aimed purely at adults. Why not order a takeaway, ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favourite drink and let the fun begin?

Games like Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity and Name That Tune are all great for adults to play. These games are best played as teams so perfect if you have a large number of people over. 

OMFG game in the box

Why you should have a games night

Playing games together can be a great way to have fun, but there are many other benefits that come from playing games with others, they can help to 

Break the ice – Playing games with others is a great way to break the ice and get to know one another better. You will know everyone well but that doesn’t necessarily mean your friends do. 

Make new friends – If your friends don’t usually mix as a group a games night is the perfect opportunity for them all to meet and get to know each other better.

Try something new – You and your friends may not usually play games or you may play them all the time but decide that you want to try a new type of game. You don’t have to worry about being judged by your peers if you’re not very good or lose at a game – because you’re all playing together and everyone will lose at some point.

Relax and have fun – Sometimes we all need some time away from our daily lives in order to relax and recharge our batteries. Playing games together can help forget about the everyday things that cause stress even if it’s just for a little while.

If you are looking for a game to play with your friends that is quicker than Monopoly and won’t cause as many arguments but is guaranteed to have you all laughing and trying to lie and bluff your way to victory then OMFG is the perfect game for you.


OMFG is a party game full of lying and bluffing. Can you sort the facts from the fiction, the outrageous lies from the downright bull? You’ll learn some toe-curling, bizarre and bewildering facts along the way. But to win the game it’s not what you know, it’s the way that you tell it.

The box contains 168 double-sided OMFG cards, 16 x bluffing tokens, a score pad, a pencil and a set of rules.

If OMFG sounds like a game you’d like to play we have one to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. If you’d like to be in with the chance of winning this game, enter via the Gleam widget below (Ts & Cs Apply)

Win an OMFG Game for an adult games night

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  1. We usually have a games night every other weekend, the last one we played was sushi go, which is really fun!

  2. Not had one for a few months but when we do we stick to easy to follow rules type of games. Often card based. If there is opportunity for it to be funny all the better.

  3. We always keep meaning to have a games night and then never get round to it, loved Monopoly and card games when I was little x

  4. A few weeks ago we had a games night playing Hero Quest with friends, however two of us have just had babies so we are are getting back on our feet before our next session.

  5. We love regular games nights with friends and family! We alter the games to suit the group, we love party games with friends but change it up for more cooperative games with our more serious gaming mates and family.

  6. We should play more family games together but sadly the last time we played a game was around Christmas time. I personally love Pictionary but because my kids are too young, it’s usually snakes and ladders with I play with them.

  7. My family don’t often have games nights but I regularly play games with my children. The sillier the better!

  8. I had a family games night over Christmas – we usually play a variety of things to keep all of the different ages happy, but Monopoly and Frustration are always firm favourites!

  9. Oh, gosh. That’s a question! I can’t remember the last time we all sat down to play a game so will make sure we do so very soon. Monopoly for the older family members and snap for the younger members probably top of the list.

  10. We had lots of games out over the Christmas period and it was great fun. We haven’t done it since then as just haven’t had the time.

  11. last games night was a couple of weeks ago, we enjoy monopoly , scrabble and chess with our teenage son and we are now starting games with our grandson which are more like buckaroo and hungry hippos

  12. We played yesterday at a coffee shop where they have loads of boardgames. We played Labyrinth and Rummikub.

  13. not since xmas, we do have game nights often, we love monopoly, games against humanity and we’ve got a new murder mystery game to try!

  14. Last week. We play games all the time with our grandson and family. We play all sorts like Catan, trivial pursuit and Bogol but our favourite is Splendor