Some of the items in this article I have received in return for trying them out and sharing them with you. I hope these hayfever and seasonal allergies tips help you to take control and not let your hay fever or allergies spoil your summer.

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Hay fever and seasonal allergies: tips without buying anything

If you have found this article because you are frustrated with hay fever or seasonal allergies and want to do your best right now to get them under control without having to buy anything these tips may help.

  • Shower and wash your hair as soon as you arrive home and change your clothing. This prevents pollen trapped on your skin, in your hair or clothes from still being close to you long after you were last outside.
  • Dry clothes inside on high pollen days so that you do not have pollen already caught on clothes before you put them on.
  • Keep windows and doors closed and use fans instead to stay cool during high pollen days.
  • Use antihistamines before you go outside or encounter the allergen if you have them. A pharmacist can advise on the best ones for you and which are non drowsy. They can also advise whether you should try nasal sprays and if anything should be taken even before the allergy season starts!
  • Wear a hat and wraparound style sunglasses to reduce pollen getting into the eyes.

Things to buy for your hay fever and seasonal allergies

If you have tried the tips above and still need some support then here are some great buys you may find helpful.

Homedics UV-Clean Portable sanitiser bag

UV clean unit

Allergens, pollen and more can easily collect on items we carry around with us. This is something we have been made more aware of in the last year with the pandemic and all the concerns regarding that. With the Homedics UV-Clean you can sanitise small items such as your phone, keys, sunglasses etc in just one minute.

For £79.99 this could be the ideal portable sanitiser for you, buy it directly from Homedics here.

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HayMax allergen barrier balm

Have you heard the tip before suggestion putting Vaseline under your nose and under your eyes to reduce hay fever symptoms? HayMax is similar but designed specifically with hay fever and allergies in mind.

The small pots of balm are easy to pop in your bag and reapply whenever it is necessary. The balm is formulated to catch pollen and other allergens before it gets into your eyes or nose and causes symptoms.

A group of Haymax on green grass

As you can see HayMax is available in a variety of scents and one specifically formulated for children. It can be used with any pollen, dust or pet allergy to reduce symptoms such as a runny nose and itchy eyes.

HayMax is available from most supermarkets and of course on Amazon for around £5-6.

Hoover H-Purifier 500 Air Purifier

Have you considered an air purifier to help remove allergens from your home? We recently reviewed this one from Hoover and are very impressed. It is really quiet when operating and seems to be making a difference. Read my full review here.

box of h-purifier

Salt therapy

This is something that has me intrigued but I hear that salt therapy from Salt Revive can help hay fever and allergy symptoms! Is this something you could try? The salts used are a natural antihistamine so could definitely be worth looking into for a medication-free alternative.

A scoop of salt on a table

We recently reviewed an air purifier to see if this helps Ben with his allergies and talked in more detail about his environmental allergies and hay fever. Why not pop over and have a read of my air purifier review.

If you have allergies the flooring you choose for your home and other things like soft furnishings can make a huge difference. I wrote an article on how to cope with severe allergies at home, why not have a read?

On one of my other blogs, Live the easy life, I wrote about how you can reduce hay fever flair ups, pop over and check that out too.

Did you know your allergies can change during menopause?

Do you know how to test for allergies and the different options available? In this article, I share our family allergies and how you can get allergy testing if you are unsure.

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