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I am often asked how bloggers, especially in the healthy living blogging niche, can possibly make money from writing so I wanted to share with you a bit about that. People often wonder if there are too many bloggers out there already and no space for new ones.

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Are there too many influencers to make money from it now?

There are many influencers out there but this does not mean you can not make money from it. Many people look to influencers for advice and see them as a friend giving advice. The reality is many of us are more interested in what other people like us are doing than celebrities. If they lost weight we know they probably had a nanny, a cleaner and a personal trainer. Hardly the same world we live in is it?

The important thing is to find your niche. That is your area of expertise or experience that makes you different. The nutrition market is big but you are not competing with clinical experts or even sites like the NHS. You are sharing your experiences and thoughts. You could extend this and even write a cookbook!

Be you, be unique and be genuine. I promise you that if you try to copy another blogger or try to be someone you are not that you will fail.

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Healthy living blogging and affiliate marketing

Did you know one of the ways that I make money is from people buying what they would buy anyway? That’s right, if you shop on a store I work with but happen to have clicked on one of my links first then I get a small percentage of the sale from them as a thank you for sending you there!

If you love my blog and I am talking for example about Slimming World lunch ideas then share my favourite lunchtime buys if you click and look at them but then buy something else from the same site I get a small payment. Quite cool really isn’t it because it doesn’t make any difference to what you pay. If you start a blog you could be doing this too. I love this as well as running giveaways for my readers.

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Earning by writing specific posts

It is also great to earn by writing articles for brands to share their products or services. It does not mean my readers will buy their product of course but it helps them to become better known. These brands can work with companies like Intellifluence for nutrition bloggers for example. I guess they act a little like the Jobcentre pointing brands in the direction of good bloggers.

This is another point where you really need to be yourself and stick to your personal morals. For example, I do not write about anything I personally do not agree with whether it is legal or not. Other bloggers do and that is their choice. I just don’t feel it fits with my healthy living audience and my own moral beliefs I would much rather write about couscous.

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First steps to healthy living blogging

If you would like to start blogging then one of the first steps is to choose a niche that you would like to write about. Is there something you are passionate about or have experience in that you would like to share?

The next step is to decide on a blog name. Think of something easy to remember, that fits your niche or name and will not get outdated. By this I mean if you are writing about your children who are currently babies but intend to blog as they grow bear this in mind. Don’t chose a name you will end up changing like “babylife”. If you intend your blog to be about babies even when your own children are 15 then that works perfectly.

Plan your money making strategy. If you intend on making money from your blog then you need to start as you intend to go on. Sign up with businesses like Intellifluence as an influencer as early as you can and before you know it you could be writing content for them. Look into ad agencies, affiliate networks and even blogging groups on Facebook.

Today you may be considering a blog. This time next year you could be earning from it and join the other influencers out there. Influencing is a growing trend and there is always space for more influencers if you find your niche.

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