The Healthy Mind and Body Hub

It isn’t easy to stay motivated. Sometimes you need someone to give you that daily little kick up the backside and reminder. This is why I have developed The Healthy Mind and Body Hub. A one stop shop as such for all things motivation. The element weight loss groups often miss and the most important part of being healthy and potentially losing weight in my experience, is the mind-set. The Healthy Mind and Body Hub is a membership only group where you will be supported to make yourself accountable to the changes you promise yourself and reminded of the little things you can do to have a healthy mind and body.

What is The Healthy Mind and Body Hub?

Do you ever wish that every day someone could text you Good morning and something positive to start your day with a smile. With The Healthy Mind and Body Hub you will get just that, a positive text every morning at around  8am (UK time) with a little tip for that day to keep you happy and healthy.

Do you sometimes feel that you need to be held accountable for your goals and have someone ask you if you have done what you set out to do every week? The Healthy Mind and Body Hub private, members only, Facebook group will do just that. Not only will I post regularly to keep you motivated and feeling positive but you will make new friends and support each other too.

Please note the text message is not personalised it is the same sent to all hub members and there is no reply facility on this as it is sent by me but through a specialised programme.

How much is The Healthy Mind and Body Hub?

The introductory price is just £10 per person per month. Less that 50p per day! Less than a bar of chocolate!

Members will also have a 10% discount in the Just Average Jen Shop.

Why would I pay for this when other Facebook groups are free?

This is very different to the other groups available as this is not all about weight loss you can join without wanting to lose any weight at all. It is about a healthy mindset and therefore an overall healthy body. I am not a dietician and I will not give specific diet advice. All my advice is based on my personal experiences of, in the space of 5 years, being both a size 30 and a size 6 and everything in between.

The Healthy Mind and Body Hub will give you:

  • A Daily Text message every morning with a little suggestion of something to motivate you that day
  • A Private friendly support group on Facebook
  • Facebook Live Chats in the Group from me when subjects arise
  • A 10% Discount in the Just Average Jen Motivational Tools Shop
  • A friendly virtual kick up the bum in the group whenever you need it.
  • Support from someone who has personal experience of depression, weight loss and low self esteem.
  • A Personal touch you don’t get anywhere else!

In The Healthy Mind and Body Hub you will get all the support and motivation to be happy and healthy taking it at your own pace. If it doesn’t work for you and doesn’t help you then it isn’t much lost is it but if it does help you think of the life you will gain.

Where do I sign up?

Click the Paypal button below to be taken to Paypal to pay your membership for one month. You do not need to have a Paypal account and can pay by card through the secure Paypal system. Please add a note to your payment if your Facebook name is different from your Paypal details so I can process your membership with no delays. The cost is the same wherever in the world you live however payment must be made in £GBP and messages in English.

The details you give me will be held for these purposes only and will not be passed on. When your membership has one week left I will contact you to see if you would like to continue, I will only contact you once. If you wish me to remove you from the group and texts at any time before your membership ends please contact me on otherwise your details will be removed if you do not proceed with your membership. No automatic payments are made or set up.

Once you join the price you join with is locked in for however long you are a member. If you leave and re-join however you will pay whatever the price at re-joining.

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