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Are you dreaming of a slim body? But too lazy to maintain a routine workout? Or do you not have the right budget to hire a trainer? I have got your back! Losing weight and attaining a slim body, is now even possible without a harsh long-duration exercise and a workout mentor. All you have to do is opt for the right ingredients while preparing your meal and switch to a better and healthier eating journey! Today in this blog post, I am going to share up the top secrets to a slim body with the minimum possible effort. Of course, I do understand no one has got the time to prepare healthy meals in the kitchen all day long! So, without any further ado,’ let us check out these super quick secrets to a slimmer figure.

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TIP ALERT: Before proceeding onto the weight loss guide, make sure to measure to belly size and take a note of your current weight. These initials will give you motivation once you start observing the results yourself!


The turmeric tea

If you are someone who is fond of tea, and literally consumes litres of tea per day, turmeric drink can help satisfy your cravings and stimulate your body to drop the excess fats as well. It is recommended that turmeric extracts, when used in tea, are more efficient in burning unnecessary fats than common turmeric spice. This is because turmeric extract contains about 95% curcumin, and significant benefits of curcumin have been observed when its about weight loss. 

Replace all the other drinks that you are currently addicted to, with the healthy and beneficial turmeric tea. You can also use half teaspoon sugar with a cup full of turmeric tea. But remember not to increase the amount of sugar since it is a significant component contributing to excess fats. Also, avoid taking large doses of turmeric; but only the amount that is suitable to your taste.

The whole grains meal

Brown rice and oatmeals are literally life saviors when you are addicted to curries and can not give up taking them. Though you may miss up the spices here, but who cares? As long as you are determined to your purpose, and all set to accomplish your weight loss dream’ you should not really care about your upset taste buds.

Another fantastic fact about whole grains is their amazing ability to reduce your belly fats naturally. You would not even need to do a workout to get that perfect athletic belly. Brown rice with tons of boiled vegetables would work great too! Try it out, trust me you are going to love it once you catch the eating routine.  

The whole egg breakfast

Many women all around the States, prefer sausages over eggs for breakfast because they think eggs make a significant contribution to the cholesterol level. Well, the fats an egg contains depends upon the way you are serving it.

Obviously, an omelette loaded with chicken chunks and tons of spices is going to double your weight instead of cutting it off. Whole eggs, only when boiled, are considered to work wonders when it is about losing weight. A little bit of salt may be fine, but do not add any other spices along with it, or else a single boiled egg consumption every morning can turn out to be useless instead of productive.  

Also, eating an egg in the morning promotes feelings of fullness, and you would probably not feel hungry the entire day. This is an excellent tip while going out for hiking or road journeys since, during such events, you tend to crave snacks, fries, and a lot of junks.

The leafy lunch

Fibrous meals like spinach, collards, and kale come up at number 1 when it is about healthy eating. Add these up to your eating list. You would not even get bored of consuming the same green leaves again and again since there are a variety of leafy meal recipes, and you can choose one for each day of the week.

You can also mix them up with other veggies to make your meals more delicious. Once in a while, have a spinach meal with boiled potatoes to treat yourself! But, do not make this a routine, potatoes no matter was taken in whatever form or shape do add some quantity to your overall weight figures. So beware of that!

The seafood dinner 

Fish and seafood like salmon and others make a considerable contribution to your body if you are lacking iodine. Salmon is also considered a very healthy and a practical component when it is about weight loss. I will suggest you to take it either in dinner or in the morning during breakfast so that it keeps you full for at least 6 7 hours.

If you do not like eating salty salmon, you can make up a salmon steak for yourself, but remember not to add a bunch of spices to the meal. You are going to ruin your entire diet plan if you do so. Turmeric, or curcumin powder along with a little bit of salt according to taste, may be added to satisfy your taste buds.

A lemon drink after a salmon dinner will be like a cherry on the top!


I presented you with the entire eating routine that you can adopt if you plan on losing weight. But remember that, wonders do not happen in days! To attain the best results, you definitely have to be CONSISTENT! Along with that, get a night of proper sleep, do not stay in your bed all day long, try having a jog in the morning, or a running session in the evening.

This is going to speed up your weight loss journey further. And yeah, do not forget to make a weekly measurement chart to determine how much your efforts are paying off. That’s the best way of self-motivation! Good luck with your slimming journey!

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