Instead of putting it off why not make a few long-term changes to your health this summer? It doesn’t have to be big changes, sometimes even the smallest changes can affect your life for the better just by a healthy summer.

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Focus on your diet for a healthy summer

You don’t necessarily have to lose weight to be more healthy. How about changing a few things in your diet to reduce the number of saturated fats you eat? Another option may be to look at the variety of vegetables in your diet and try to buy something new each week.

Drink less alcohol

Many of us like an alcoholic drink or two but sometimes the amount we drink gradually creeps up. Do you feel pressure to drink to unwind after a week in the office? Perhaps looking at your alcohol intake and reducing it a little could really affect your life without spoiling your fun.

Stop smoking

If you smoke then maybe this is something you should change. Could you stop completely? Have you seen the NHS stop smoking page? Within 2-12 weeks your circulation could improve which will affect your life in many ways. There are many things which can help you with stopping smoking like gum, patches, and even tablets. You can get help from your GP, chemist or various support groups. Whatever you decide to do, just do it, and you will feel better about it.

Exercise more for a healthy summer

When the weather is nice it is much easier to get outside and move isn’t it? I have joined the gym last week – how long that will last who knows but I am trying to be more active. Remember though to take it steady and start with small steps so you don’t do yourself any injury. There are loads of fun exercises you could try they don’t have to be boring.

Planning for a healthy summer

If you want healthy food for a relaxing summer where you don’t put on the pounds I have some great summer recipes to help. Be sure to get out the BBQ and put rubs on meats, marinate tofu or get that charcoal in to ensure that you have a great time.

Whatever you do be sure to plan ahead because we all know that when the weather is nice no shops have BBQ foods in anymore and the whole of the supermarket is full of people with trolleys of bread rolls and beer. If the weather is a bit questionable there are plenty of cool summer meals to make in the air fryer to avoid putting the oven on or settling for a Mexican salad or Greek salad again!

A healthy summer means a little planning ahead to ensure you can stay on plan and still have tasty summer foods. That way you can always save calories or syns for favourites, mine are low syn chocolate or Jaffa Cake gin!

If you hate meal planning then check out my summer meal plan or for cooler days my late summer/autumn plan.

Don’t forget you only live once so enjoy life but be as healthy as you can so it lasts longer!

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