As a property owner, you may have no experience in dealing with tenants. You may have had a bad experience with incompetent property managers, or it could be your first time seeking their services. Whatever your reason may be, in this article you will get to know what factors to consider before hiring a property manager.

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Before you get into a contract with a company offering their property management services to you, check if they are available. The right rental property managers know their services should be available 24/7. A tenant may raise an issue at midnight, which may require urgent attention.

You may not be there to address that problem, and thus need a company that will represent you anytime. Maintenance issues require urgent attention, and your tenants need to be sure they can get emergency services. To ascertain that the management can answer calls at any time, you can try reaching them at odd hours.


You will need a property managing company that can access your premises when a need arises. If they are too far, they may not be of help to you, and it may cost you dearly. It would help if you had a manager who can visit the property to ensure that everything is in place.


If a company cannot communicate effectively to you, they will not do so to your tenants. It would help if you had a managing agency that respects people by talking well. You do not want your tenants to vacate your property because they cannot handle the rude nature of property managers.


You will need the services of an experienced property manager to handle your real estate needs. The manager needs to know the local, state, and federal laws that are currently in place. The company dealing with managing your property should also have experience in your kind of premises.

If yours is a commercial property, you cannot entrust it to a property manager dealing with residential houses. You, therefore, need to ask how long they have been in the industry and how many premises they are handling at the time you visit them.

Legally Certified

There are rogue property managers offering services to unsuspecting clients. Unless you find out they have the right certification, you cannot tell if they are genuine or not. You can have a look at the certificates showing their professionalism.

The licenses also need to be proper ones issued by the relevant governing bodies. You can confirm from the real estate commission if the property managing company is in their records.

If a company does not appear in any of the records, it means the state does not know them, and you cannot entrust them with your property.

Read Reviews

Before entrusting your company to a property management company, you may have to look at their clients’ reviews. Check the comments on their social media pages to see if the number of complaints exceeds those of complementing. Another way of hiring a property manager is talking to other property owners near you. Ask about their experience with property managers.

You can ask how the managers deal with maintenance problems, fee transparency, and filling vacant houses. If one has a good experience with a manager, they will gladly refer you to them. You can also speak to tenants to see if their complaints get addressed by the said managers. If not, keep searching.

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