I love a good holiday and packing is part of that isn’t it? Building up the excitement packing new clothes and flip flops but not forgetting the sun screen. Whilst I have been packing for my holiday I thought I would share with you some must have essentials you may have forgotten or not even considered previously.

A handbag and its contents on rug

I once went to the airport without a passport, I hadn’t forgotten it either I just didn’t have one. It is a long story but I had previously been included in my mums passport as used to happen years ago but had since had my birthday! Anyway not many people will forget their tickets or sunglasses but there are things you can easily forget or not even think about. Take a look at these and why I take them and see what you think!

Part of the packing is using the best bags and cases for the trip. The Mini Jen bag above from MiaTui is perfect for a travel bag as it has pockets and mini bags galore and can easily fit so much in and not only that but you can actually find it all again too on the plane or at customs!

Contents of holiday handbag on wooden surface

Travel pillow – if you have a long plane flight be sure to get a comfortable travel pillow to ensure you don’t get off the flight with a sore neck!

Data Roam sim cards – perfect for if your phone contract doesn’t include data abroad and you just cant miss the latest on social media, face timing your partner or YouTube!

Femfresh – After a long flight sometimes we just want a bit of a freshen up and these help you freshen the intimate areas too.

Gin Gins – I get travel sick sometimes and haven’t tried these before so I am keen to see if they work and let’s face it if I don’t feel ill they are tasty sweets anyway!

Mosquitan – I haven’t tried this yet but the mosquitos always love me and I have hundreds of bits to anything that could prevent them is a bonus!

Charcoal White Toothpaste – we all need that on holiday but how about after a long flight to help you freshen up too?

BRYT toiletries for men and boys – If you have a pubescent teen make sure you have packed things to keep them clean and smelling nice. These are lovely products and great size bottles too from Bryt. Don’t leave it to them or you may regret it as they are bound to forget!

Holiday handbag contents including passport on wooden surface

Olverum Bath Travel set – Who says you cant enjoy a luxury bath on holiday after a long walk or day on the beach? This little set is perfect.

Sure Maximum protection – I love this deodorant when its really hot but it also has another use that will surprise you. If you put it on mosquito bites it eases the itching and helps them dry out. If you have had as many as I have had before you will know how keen you are to try anything! This is quick to apply and works well though does look a little silly if you put on too much.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – If you don’t have time to wash your hair before dinner but want to freshen it up this is perfect and they do these little travel size cans too, bonus!

Zap-It! – I haven’t tried this yet but I can assure you I will be on holiday as I love the idea of this with mosquitos loving me as much as they do! Will keep you updated!

Personalised Luggage Straps from Able Labels – Makes the airport so much easier and grab your case quickly. More to the point it stops anyone else taking your case!

Below is the lovely MiaTui bag that is pictured above full of all my flight/travel stuff.

A Mia Tui handbag and purse on wooden surface

Do you have to spend time weighing cases and swapping items over the night before you go away? I do and why oh why do I take more shoes than I ever wear? Please tell me I am not alone in this!?

If you have space in your case or maybe you are going camping then how about taking a pocket-sized portable HD projector. It means you can watch a film while the kids are in bed on holiday as we all know that evenings on holiday are long with little kids.

Enjoy your holiday!

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