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If you follow me on social media you are likely to have spotted that we have just been on holiday in the sun to Majorca for just over a week and had an amazing time. I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of our holiday.

A group of people paddling and swimming at a beach

Being in the Mediterranean a holiday in Majorca will always bring much warmer weather than here in the UK and this is why we love it there. At the end of September when we went the temperatures are around 26’c and even in November and December whilst it isn’t that warm it will always be warmer than the UK with highs of around 12-14’c.

A group of people on a beach

We stayed in Palma Nova for the first part of our holiday which is very much a tourist resort and not so active over the winter. The second part of our holiday was in Santa Ponsa which is not quite as tourist focussed but still very lovely and a relaxing holiday whilst not needing to speak any Spanish to enjoy yourself.

The highlight of our holiday was being transferred to an all-inclusive hotel when the apartments we were staying in had problems with their hot water system!

The food, on the whole, was lovely though very few vegetarian options and of course, there were lots of cakes and cocktails! Needless to say, our waistlines have grown!

A mum and son sitting on a rock by water

It is great being able to go away in September/October and swim in an outdoor pool and paddle in the sea, unfortunately, I explored a rock pool a little closer than I had planned and slipped and ended up in the sea with a sore bum!

If you are a watersports fan then check out these paddles

Ben is learning Spanish a little at school so enjoyed searching the internet whilst we were there to find new phrases to say. He especially enjoyed telling the waitresses that he thought they were lovely! I dread to think what he will be like in a few years when he is trying to ask them on dates!

Boy on green and blue float in clear blue water

If you have read this and fancy a little bit of winter sun yourself it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Whilst we love Majorca if you are looking for a bit of a warmer getaway this winter how about Tenerife or Lanzarote? We would love to go to the Canary Islands over the winter sometime in the next few years now Ben is more used to flying. I just need to get better at flying and not dwelling on how many feet up in the air we are and making myself feel sick!

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