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If you don’t want to decorate frequently then it is really important to choose home design that is not too fashionable and as such will last for years. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as we are looking at rooms, one at a time, to redesign our home.

The letters DIY made out of wood with tools attached to them

We don’t have endless money to spend on redecorating the house, nor would we want to! I would rather do things on a budget and afford holidays and breaks away than have a luxury house, but maybe you disagree?

Flooring to last

Look back at photos from when you were younger, the carpets look so old fashioned, don’t they? If you are not careful this could be how your home looks in a few years, outdated and not to your current tastes. The same goes for curtains and furniture but I will talk about that later.

Look at the curtains in this picture! The carpet is of a similar fashion. I was a cute fairy though, don’t you think?

Jen as a 5 year old wearing a dress as a fairy and standing in front of 1970s curtains

The best flooring to last, regardless of fashion, is neutral flooring. A neutral carpet, however, will easily get dirty so whilst this is one option, the better option, in my opinion, is wooden flooring.

Can you think of anything that doesn’t go with wooden flooring? If you want a bit of colour or to add the latest fashion you can always choose a stylish rug. A rug is much easier to replace and of course cheaper. Even in a small room wooden floor is best.

By choosing solid wood flooring you will spend less on home design in the long run as it doesn’t stain and wear as easily as carpet either. Don’t let cheap laminate flooring put you off. That is so different from solid wood flooring and laminate flooring is often a false economy. It wears easily, damages easily and is not as strong as solid wood flooring.

Wooden floor with a pile of books stacked up

Decorating for longevity

I know some people hate magnolia and plain walls but I actually quite like them. By choosing neutral colours like this you don’t have to have a boring neutral home. It will have a lovely classical look that you can accentuate with colours to suit you.

Over the last few years mustard has been a really popular colour so with a neutral room like this you can choose mustard soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs etc. When you have a change of heart it is so much easier to change your room. Never again will you need an outdated room for fear of the cost of wallpaper or carpet to replace outdated ones you now regret!

Decorating Equipment On House Plans
Decorating Equipment On House Plans

A garden to last

It is easy to forget about your garden when you are decorating and planning your home to last. We have opted for artificial grass which is so much better. I am so looking forward to not needing to cut it again! I appreciate it is a bit more expensive than turf or even grass seed but if you want a low maintenance home then in my eyes it is a no brainer! Adding a herb garden in pots would be great too.

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