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Welcome to our home

Perhaps the first and foremost answer to the title of this article is the word ‘taste’. If you enjoy decorating your home in one direction, who are we to say you’re wrong or insufficient in your plans? Why not check Interior Design Leeds for inspiration?

If it makes you happy, and you can enjoy the process of decorating and renovating your property to this end, you’ve already won. That being said, there are some measures you can take to get the best of even your own tastes.

No house is a blank canvas. It exists in a location, with architectural design choices throughout, and housing utility to think of. There are many variables and factors that could help you get the best from each decision you make, or, that could subtract from it. For instance, running an ultra-modern and sleek minimalist interior in a relatively quaint years-old rural farmhouse could be a somewhat clashing idea, because the roof beams or other implements may betray the fusion between the two styles.

So how should your home design be influenced, not to take you away from your tasteful application, but to help you realize it more profoundly? We have some advice:

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The age of your home can influence how you should think about design from that point onwards. As laid out in our previous example, to get the best out of a home keeping a cohesive eye towards all elements. How they work together can be important. Does this mean that if you purchase a period property you can only ever dress the interior in a period way? Of course not. 

It might be that the main features of the household are decorated to match or at least pay some mind to that feature, allowing it to stand out. For instance, you may have a beautiful, old open fireplace. That helps you make the most of your gorgeous period chimney.

Blocking it up might be a shame. Reopening this fireplace and perhaps placing a wood-burning stove there could help you add a beautiful feature. In keeping with the theme and function of the house. While also enjoying your own design approach.


Of course, it’s clear that design may influence design. That’s perhaps the understatement of the century. Yet keeping a cohesive eye for this theming can be a great idea. For instance, if you have a beautiful front door crafted from expensive wood with a large knocker and a grand entrance foyer, installing a relatively modern porch with plastic shielding can be somewhat dissonant.

Of course, adding installations that are somewhat out of the norm can sometimes work well. If you boast a relatively large exterior to your front door, you may be able to install a false pillar. Perhaps indicative of the Parthenon from Ancient Greece or visually inspired by it. These are quite popular in modern homes.

They can be fashioned to look nice and provide a simple charismatic charm to that angle of the property. This is just one example. It’s indicative of how creative you can be with design provided you fashion it in a manner in keeping with its surroundings.

This can be a trial and error process, and sometimes you won’t like the end result of your test application. It’s best to know because the more you try, the more you become informed.


The materials you hope to work with can also structure the design motif of your property, even in the little ways. For instance, home design may be influenced by the carpet type you hope to opt or.

Taking the time to contact can help you understand exactly what your options may be, and how said choice may work for the overall cohesive design vision you’re hoping for.

Materials can also help you figure out the features of a particular room. For instance, do you hope for granite or a marble countertop? Might it be that oak cupboards can give your home some rustic charm, or are you more interested in keeping the design theme modern?

Even simple changes such as a leather or fabric sofa can help how the theming colors of your home may work out. A cast-iron designed headboard for your bed will influence a different design motif than a wooden one with inlaid panels. The more we can approximate the best solution to this end, the better we can help our decision making process gain confident and cozy weight.

Prior Decoration

The prior decoration you have installed can sometimes be an indicator of how to proceed. Does this mean that if you’ve tiled your bathroom floor in the last two years you need to stick with that exact same aesthetic forever? Never pulling them up for something new? Of course not. It can sometimes be that focusing in this direction can help you save money. Thus giving you more room to work on other areas of said environment.

For instance, instead of ripping up the flooring tiles you may apply a heating element underneath. This helps clear the moisture in your newly established wet room. The bathtub may be taken out and the prior tiles may serve as a wonderful theme. Perfect to extend to the shower room flooring, giving you a lovely open space for this innovative bathroom design.

Working with what you have is often a truly worthwhile approach best felt in gardening and exterior home design. There’s no reason why that can’t be a factor of your renovation habits. For instance, perhaps the living room and dining rooms are perfectly well-considered.

It’s just that knocking down the separating wall between them can give you more space and a brand new visual motif to work with. In this way, you’ll always be focusing on that which is right for your tastes, your family and your property at large.

With this advice, we hope you can influence your home design in a confident, comfortable manner, and come to the best end result in a way that helps you feel pride.

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