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Most people only ever consider getting a home inspection when they plan on moving into a new property. But it turns out that doing the odd audit of your existing residence isn’t a bad idea. 

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Why? Well, homes never stay the same for long. Over time, they begin to depreciate. And, eventually, they develop problems and issues – some of which could be bad for your health!

In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons why getting a home inspection is a good idea. 

It Preserves The Value Of Your Property

Imagine if your home was experiencing subsidence, but you didn’t find out until the damage was done. 

You’d be in trouble, right? Repairing the issue would cost an enormous amount of money. And you might not be able to fund it without remortgaging your home. 

But getting a home inspection can alert you to problems quickly, allowing you to preserve the value of your property. If there are issues with the building or the roof, you can nip them in the bud quickly, without worrying about long-term costs accruing in the future. 

It Helps You Keep Your Home Safe

Related to preserving the value of your property is keeping it safe. 

Many people move into homes that are safe but that later become dangerous. Pests, for instance, can move in. Or creeping damp up the walls can make allergies worse. 

Some homeowners live in homes that were dangerous all along, but they just didn’t realise. For many, asbestos removal becomes necessary after a full inspection. 

Whatever the reason for an inspection, it helps to keep the property safe. Homes can become dangerous over time, especially when viewed through modern safety lenses. 

It Makes Your Home More Livable

Imagine living in a home with serious structural issues. It’s not a lot of fun. You’re continually fighting against nature which is constantly trying to get in and ruin your living conditions. There’s a constant draught that won’t go away. And no matter how often you scrub the bathroom, mould just keeps coming back. 

Home inspections, however, tell you about the root of the problem. If the issue is a loose roof tile or dampness in the basement, you can find out and solve the problem once and for all. 

You can also get information on how much it is likely going to cost you to repair. Ultimately, getting annoying repair jobs out of the way makes your home a more livable and pleasant environment. 

It Tells You How Much Energy You’re Using

Lastly, getting a home energy audit can tell you how much energy you’re burning through at home. 

Most people don’t realise that insulation degrades over time. At the start of its life, it performs well. But if it gets wet or old, it tends to flatten, reducing its ability to keep warm air in your home.

Getting a home inspection can tell you how well your insulation is performing and whether it’s economic to get an upgrade. Sometimes it is!

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