Are you still doing home learning with your kids? I feel your pain, as I said previously for different reasons to Covid-19 I have had Ben learning at home for a year now and it is blooming hard work. I can’t wait for him to get a new school and get back to some kind of normal!

If you are starting to run out of ideas of things to do with the kids then here are some new ideas and little buys that could help you out. Keep going you are doing great!

Kids reading a book and whispering

Encourage their imagination

Children can often have a great imagination but sometimes they need a little push. This book of story starters is perfect. With a little suggestion to start the story off, they will be keen to continue and have so much fun. An easy way to encourage their English and handwriting without having to sit over them constantly encouraging them. Sometimes we think kids need such complex activities and toys but lockdown showed us this isn’t always the case.

101 story starters for kids book

Simply give them one of the starters in the book and set them going. You could get them to do it in the book or keep the book to use again and again and just read the starter to them to write. There are two versions available for Key stage 2, this one I received to try out with Ben and a pink one.

Each is just £7.99 and is available on Amazon Prime so can be with you super quickly too! For younger Key stage one children there is a different version you can check out here for the same price.

Another way to encourage imagination is through games that really get them thinking! This detective game looks fun!

inside of the story starters book

Fun stationery

I love new pens and nice notebooks to encourage me to work harder or make note-taking more interesting at an event or meeting. Kids are no different. Did you have new pencil cases every year at school and love unusual stationery to show your friends?

notebook and funky erasers

This notepad from the range of Legami notebooks from Executive Pens Direct is lovely and motivational as well as great for motivating kids in working hard. The erasers are also from Executive Pens Direct. The packs of Iwako erasers are £4.75 and these are just one of their fun range so I know you will love them!

Something to encourage gratitude and positivity

During all this world crisis it is easy for children’s mental health to be taking a bit of a hit. Kids often have anxiety anyway without all of this happening in the world so a perfect thing to do with them is to encourage positivity and gratitude.

Happy confident me journal with pens

The Happy Confident Me journal is a lovely book for youngsters. Ben has really enjoyed doing his journal and it has helped him to see the good in every day.

We found it perfect to help Ben share his feelings both good and bad but also to focus on what he loved that day. It has become a firm habit that daily he does his journal. For £9.99 on Amazon, it is a lovely idea, why not have a look and see if it is for you.

A hands on activity?

How about buying a build your own kit so they can build a telescope? I reviewed this set here so do take a look. If this isn’t for you then check out these other hands-on outdoor learning activities.

Fully built telescope with universe book

It is available from Amazon for £19.99.

Have you found anything perfect for your children whilst learning at home that you can share? A fellow blogger did family virtual scavenger hunts, why didn’t I think of that? Do comment them below.

If you found this helpful please share!

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