Are you one of the many people up and down the country with kids at home unexpectedly due to schools being shut? Maybe you are trying to keep them doing educational things but really stuck with where to turn to? Look no further.

Whilst I am not a teacher by any stretch of the imagination – no patience for all that – I have compiled this ultimate list for you guys to keep you sane!

Remember though to do the best you can, it doesn’t matter if your home-school sucks, just keep going. With young children especially anything can be educational if you work it right. Check out these boredom busters for 5-10-year-olds.

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paints, coloured pencils and paper for home learning
Colouring pencils for home learning

I have tried to find as many resources as possible for you but I will keep adding new ones as I find them and make this the best go-to resource for all you panicking parents who, like me, never planned on becoming teachers! After school, you never thought you would do that fourth grade math again, did you?

Remember the important thing is to keep up some kind of routine. You will never give your child all they could get in school in isolation at home and you have to think of yourself too. So do give yourself a treat at the end of every day, gin maybe?

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Ebooks and audiobooks

Sometimes children can’t or won’t read a book. An audiobook may be perfect for these times. Ebooks are also great as they feel like they are on a gadget even though they are using it for reading!

World eBook has opened their selection of eBooks including books for youngsters about animals right up to things like Shakespeare so everyone can benefit. Some include read-aloud books so perfect for all children out of school.

Scribd have a free 30-day trial which may come in handy for your sanity or your children’s! If you don’t want to keep it remember to cancel though.

Audible by Amazon offers a free book and a 30-day trial. Again remember to cancel if you do not want to continue but if you do remember to go through Top Cashback as you can get a decent cashback payout too!

Audible advert

Storyline Online

Children’s books online

Kids read 2 Kids – Kids reading books to kids, a lovely resource.

The Fable Cottage – Stories in other languages – Perfect for children trying to learn new languages.

Baker Ross advert with young child doing activities

Magic Keys – More online books not as many as some sites but still useful!

Magic Blox – More great books, mostly for younger ones.

Head Start to A Levels – Free Kindle E-Books.

An open globe for home learning

Educational TV

There is so much available on TV which is educational and gives you five minutes of peace too. Maybe to have a snooze, get the washing on or just collect your thoughts for a few minutes.

More 4 is great for documentaries for older children.

CBBC Deadly 60 – Perfect for a programme about deadly animals.

Operation Ouch and 24 hours in A&E – great for children to learn a bit more about health and the work of doctors and nurses. 24 hours in A&E does sometimes have more mature themes so better for older children and teenagers.

Horrible Histories – Great for primary age history learning.

Box of Musclefood products

CBBC Lifebabble – series which explores all the things that affect young people today. Great for PHSE-type lessons and discussions.

CITV Mission Employable – A career-based programme where kids go behind the scenes in different careers to help understand what that job involves.

Bear Grylls shows – Great for learning about survival there is Bear Grylls survival school on CITV and You vs Wild on Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix it is easy to sign up for a free trial.

Discovery channels on Sky – If you have Sky then check out the Discovery channels, particularly for older children. Don’t forget to check what they have on the catch-up section too!

National Theatre – Free streaming of some shows.

close up of a calculator
Close-up view of a calculator on white background

Useful websites for learning at home

The World Wide Web is massive and finding resources for kids to learn is blooming hard. I have done the hard work for you and compiled the best
FREE resources here.

NASA has opened up a massive library of photos, videos and audio recordings for free to anyone who needs them.

Sooper Books – Free stories for younger kids. Great to give you some peace!

The Entertainer toy shop – They have plenty of boredom-busting activities which may be great to keep your young ones busy for a while in between you plan lessons!

Baker Ross advert with young child doing activities

BrainPop – Loads of things for kids to learn with a daily topic.

BBC Learning – Whilst this is a bit out of date in places there is an amazing amount on here you will find helpful.

Starfall – This is a great resource for younger children, learning to read, phonics etc.

TTS – Free download with 2 weeks worth of activities.

Staedtler – Lots of crafty ideas.

Khan Academy – Whilst signing up for their website takes a little time it is all free when you are there and you will find lots of useful tutorials etc. Check out the Khan Academy YouTube too.

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DK Findout – DK books are popular but here is a website of quizzes and activities for kids.

Mystery Science – Lots of great science-based lessons, there are only a limited number of free memberships though so don’t miss out. There are some lessons free without signing up though too.

Reading Eggs – 30 Day free trial for parents to help their kids learn to read. I have seen a review here from a fellow blogger which might help you decide if it is for you.

Activity Village – has some free activity packs on spring, handwashing and more especially for these school closures.

Toy Theater – Very American but some useful resources for young kids.

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Geography Games – Great for older children who need to improve their geography while playing games!

Future Learn – A great resource of courses for older children and teenagers. Most of what you can find is free however if you want certificates there is an upgraded option for a cost.

Senaca – From key stage 2 up to A level there are lots of free courses.

Go Noodle – Perfect for young children, irritating but learning songs!

Baker Ross advert with young child doing activities

STMath – If you are helping your child with maths and really unsure then this is a great site to help you.

ABCYA – This is more games and fun like crosswords and word searches but still a handy resource if you are struggling.

Science Sparks – A website full of Science.

British Sign Language – Free course for kids.

Open Learn from the Open University – 900+ short courses (ranging from 1 – 100 hours of study) suitable for around secondary age upwards.

Closeup of black iphone on wooden background

More websites for home learning

I am not finished yet! Here are even more websites you need to check out!

Blockly – Perfect for budding programmers as whilst it is learning it is also fun and game-based.

National Geographic Kids – This site has so much you will love it. All easy to understand and explained well for children.

TedEd – Short educational videos that may have a teaching one for something you think would help your child.

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Primary resources – Loads on here for all primary-level children.

Duolingo – Perfect for all the family to learn a language. Home learning for all the family will be useful for holidays too.

Kip McGrath – A tuition company on Facebook with daily challenges and activities for children 5-16. Prizes for effort and participation too!

Busy Things – Check out all their activities for primary-age children to keep them busy both educational and just fun!

closeup of Busy Things logo

The kids should see this – Videos for all those children and adults who just like to know why things are the way they are. All sorts from how germs spread to how you can get a cat playing dominos!

Scholastic – Loads for kids up to around year 9.


Teachers Corner

Tinkercad – Another great website for learning coding and 3d design.

CrestSTEM projects for kids who love experiments and learning something different.

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Crash Course – Crash courses in everything you can think of.


Woodlands resources

Little activity chest

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Pinterest pin of smily young child

Tynker – Coding for kids!

iDEA – Short courses for older children to give them skills for work. Things like coding and earning badges to show an employer.

Oxford Owl – Free young children’s ebooks including Biff and Chip books – you can’t escape them that easily!

Blue Peter badges – Did you know you can still get them?

Sublime Science – 101 free science experiments.

Big History project – Some amazing videos and learning materials for the real back-to-basics of history.

Twinkl – Primary school resources and loads of printables. Use code UKtwinklhelps for a free month.

Discovery Education – Lots of amazing activities to help home learning.

Idea – Modules for older kids and adults that are a little like an online version of the Duke of Edinburgh awards. Get awards and certificates at the end and industry recognised!

Live animal webcams – A list of 12 different zoos etc offering live webcams of the animals. Great for all ages!

closeup of books on wooden table
books on wooden deck tabletop

Apps for home learning

Just because your child likes their tablet or phone doesn’t mean they can’t use it to learn. Here are some amazing apps that may help you get them to learn with their gadgets. If they don’t have a tablet then maybe you have one they could use and learn with.




Let’s read

Scratch Jr

Ten Frames



Magnetic ABC

Monster Math



Book Creator

A group of people, mixed genders and mixed races, smiling
Students using mobile phone and digital tablet on staircase at school

Youtube for home learning

There are a lot of useful things on YouTube not all music and unboxing videos so why not get the kids watching some educational things on there and learning lots. Have a search and see what experiments you can find but always check them first to ensure suitability!

Khan Academy

Crash course kids

SciShow Kids

Science Channel

The Brain Scoop

Geography Focus

Free School

Soul Pancake

Science Max

National Geographic kids

Home School Pop


Smithsonian Channel

Word World PBS


Mike Likes Science

Peekaboo Kids

Storyline Online

Geek Gurl Diaries

Kids Learning Tube

Story Time with Ms Becky


Wellness notebook on wooden table

Videos for exercise

Oti Mabuse – A professional Latin American Ballroom dancer shares videos of how to dance. Live at 11.30 every day on her Facebook page.

Just Dance – Lots of videos with routines to copy suitable for most abilities.

Les Mills Avengers – good and not too long.


Go Noodle


PE from Joe Wicks


Cosmic Yoga

Andy Wild workouts on BBC player – based on animals perfect for young children as each are only about 6 minutes long.

Dramatots on Youtube – not dancing but great for kids to keep moving.

Jiggy Wrigglers on Youtube.

Glasshouse tots on Youtube, nursery rhymes and some movement for little ones.

Supermovers ABC.

Start Body Groove – HIIT workouts, free for 30 days.

Saskia Dance.

Riverside Ballet

Jamie Peaceout – not exercise but more chilling and mindfullness

Kids bop

Wake and Shake – Lazytown ones are good

Patty Shulka

Tumble Tots live every morning at 10 on Facebook

Ragdolly Anna’s on Facebook – music and rhyme sessions

Zumba for kids

Superhero fit on Facebook

Absolutely Amazing Parties on Facebook do a live video at 3.30 every afternoon.

The Ballet Coach

Jump Start Jonny – perfect for 3-4 year olds

Captain Fantastic

Super Movers – lots to choose from

Rhyming time with Lee – perfect for age 2/3

The Wiggles

Youthercise on Facebook

Jack Hartman

Little Munchkins

Young boy holding his head in his hands with a frown

Amazing Blogs

Us bloggers can be pretty amazing, here are some great ones full of activities for you! Be sure to tell them I said hi while you are there!

The Imagination Tree – A blog full of early years activities.

The Artful Parent – as it says, lots of art!

Red Ted Arts – Easy craft projects for young kids.

Rainy Day Mum is one of my favourite bloggers and has no end of printables and over 1000 activities for kids stuck indoors!

Mrs Mactivity – Lots of resources for primary-aged children.

Easy Peasy All in One homeschool – Very American but may help you out.

A few useful Printables and lists I have found!

If you have a printer then these are all really handy links to printables!

Printable cards.

Great games to play at home.

Free Bilingual resources list.

50 Crafts to try before you are 10.

Tips for structuring your day and a free timetable.

Closeup of black mother and daughter

Podcasts for home learning

Do you use podcasts? If not then you really should and here are some great educational and story ones for kids to get you started.


But why a podcast for curious kids

Story Pirates

Six Minutes

Brains On

Circle Round

Closeup of black smartphone and black headphones

Eleanor Amplified

The Two Princes

Ear Snacks

Smash Boom Best

Ask the Nincompoops

What if World

CBeebies Radio

The Creeping hour

Wow in the World

Short and Curly

Everything under the sun

You’re dead to me

Pants on Fire

Woman sitting at a desk with a notepad and pen staring up. Pile of books next to her

Things in the home

Don’t forget to check out what your children already have for learning too. Do you have a globe? We reviewed this smart globe it is amazing. How about maps of the local area? Board games? Binoculars?

All excellent things to help with learning! Have a look around the house and you will be surprised how many things can be used to learn something with. Remember there may be fun family activities you could buy too like this V8 engine model kit.

Oregon Globe in packaging on wooden surface

Remember their mental health when home learning

It is not just their academic education that could suffer in this uncertain time. Don’t forget their mental health. A gratitude journal is a great place to start along with daily chats about what is bothering them. Remember kids can get depression too and this is so important to watch out for at the moment. If they love their pet then ensure they get plenty of time to relax with them to destress.

Red nail polish on wooden surface

Rewards and Punishments

We all need rewards so don’t forget when you reward the kids to reward yourself too! Rewards do not need to be food and can be something more material without spending money.

How about a pamper session at home? Home learning will never be the same as a school so remember to be proud of what you are doing and don’t stress yourself that you are not doing everything!

Keeping preschoolers busy can be hard, here are some great ideas to help you.

If you found this helpful please share!

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  1. Thank you for including Busy Things in your home-learning websites round-up 🙂
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