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When we decorate our homes we usually think about things that we like the look of. But does your home really suit your lifestyle?

Sometimes what we think looks good doesn’t particularly work for you in the long run and needs to be reconsidered. Here are some things to consider when you think about decorating your home which may save you time and money in the long-term.

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Sometimes we create rooms that are serene and relaxing, and completely forget to consider the storage required. The kitchen, for example, is something that many of us like to have spotless and tidy. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have purchased enough cupboard space, and storage to go with it.

Quite often a kitchen will be renovated and fitted out professionally, but the homeowner will change their mind about how much storage space is actually required. The trouble is we don’t always envisage how much we have or can accumulate over time and things always change.

So from the very beginning always make sure you overestimate how much storage space you need. That way you don’t fall short further down the line. Looking for storage facilities near me is very helpful just in case we need more storage space.


Many people will buy a house based on which way it faces, and how much sunlight will be let into their homes. But we can quickly forget when it comes to decorating and renovating. So if you have an office area with the desk place in the window, for example, it may not work if the sunlight beats down on that very window for a large part of the day.

Sometimes we find that we have placed a chair in a place to relax, and find that is in a dark corner which is not ideal. So when you are laying out the options for decoration in a room, always think about which way the Sun is going to shine through, and if it is ideal for your situation and anyone using the space.


Whether you have a new puppy or children, there is always going to be something to consider when it comes to safety. Is the layout of your house safe? Do you have safety rails on the stairs? Are your electrical outlets safe and tested? These are all things that you should consider when you’re decorating all renovating your home.

It’s not only because of animals and children though, but we should also think of the security of our homes and how safe we are from unwanted intruders. It’s not the most fun part of homeownership, but it is essential. Just considering it in the first place is a good start.

So when you are shopping for wallpaper, and getting the paint ready, always think about if you have the correct storage, the lighting is right, and if the room is safe. These are things that you will thank yourself for later on. It is no good having the perfect house but then finding you have not considered the security and you get broken into and have to start again!

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