We would love to do lots of renovations to our house but things are always so expensive. Here I thought I would share a few interesting money saving tips I have found.

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Windows, radiators, carpets and skirtings

These can be the most expensive parts of renovations. A little thought you can actually save huge amounts of money really easily.


If you think you need new windows have you checked if they could not be repaired instead? In many cases, repairs can be done to reseal the windows at a fraction of the cost. There are large national companies that offer this as well as local tradesmen. Getting a free quote is a good place to start with this.


An old radiator can really make a room look dated. If you have an old or leaking radiator then part of your refurbishments could well be to replace them with new modern radiators.

Initially, your first stop may be the local large DIY store before you discover how expensive they are! If only you could get the same sort of trade prices that plumbers get without the markup! Have you check Trade Radiators for their prices, they sell to the public often at a fraction of the cost of elsewhere. Once you have ordered your choice, it’s time to find a decent plumber in Edinburgh, Leeds, Glasgow or wherever you live. Don’t look for a plumber someplace else as it would just drive up the cost and double the time for your plumber to get to your property.


When you look at carpet stores make sure to check the name of your preferred carpet. If you know what you like then it is easier to find it elsewhere possibly significantly cheaper. Think of it this way, a Cadburys creme egg is the same whether you buy it from the corner shop for 80p or the supermarket for 60p isn’t it. So why not do the same with your carpets?

Skirting Boards

There are a number of different designs of skirting boards available so choosing one you like can still fit well within your budget. If you are unsure then check out the free samples available from MDF Skirting World and decide then which you like. The modern stylish look ones are actually not always as expensive as you think.

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Paint, Wallpaper and Soft furnishings

Paint and Wallpaper

Again these are areas you may easily be able to save a bit of money. Shopping around for wallpaper and paint may mean you find the perfect one at a price lower than you had expected. If you find a brand you like and a style then search the internet for exactly the same at a lower price. You will be surprised how much money can be saved and you end up with the same product.

Soft Furnishings

Are you good at sewing? Making your own soft furnishings such as cushions and even curtains can be a way of getting something perfect. There are so many lovely fabrics available and a few new cushions can change the entire look of the sofa you already have thus saving more money!

Unusual ideas for renovations

If you are on a budget why not frame your children’s pictures instead of buying wall art? Another option could be as a family to decorate an area using handprints of you all to make some memories? There are lots of unusual decorating ideas on Pinterest so it is really worth a search and see what you come across. Recycling things is becoming really popular.

If you are trying to budget so you can renovate your house to get the look you want whether that be modern farmhouse or shabby chic you can do it. Are you looking to renovate for a house move or to upgrade your home to give you more space?

Do you have any budget home renovation tips? Do comment them below!

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