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Your home is supposed to be your castle. Especially at a time when the world outside seems so hostile and fraught with danger. Let’s face it… we all have enough trying to stress us out beyond our doorstep.

We have to contend with political turmoil, economic uncertainty, division, fear and the realities of living with a deadly global pandemic. One that could return in force before the end of the year unless we continue to take it seriously.

The space within your four walls should be a sanctuary of hope, happiness and healing. A place where you can relax in the company of the people you love most in the world. However, rather than relieving your stress, your home might just end up exacerbating it.

Pile of stationery and income tax files

You may be surprised by how much little things around the home can add to your stress levels. But stress isn’t just in the mind. Its effects are felt and seen all through the body, too! And if you’re undergoing a weight loss transformation, you’ll find that stress can be a persistent obstacle that keeps you from achieving your goals. 

Do home stress and worry affect weight loss?

Big time! When we experience stress, our bodies produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. As our levels of this hormone increase, the cells of our bodies become more resistant to insulin.

As a result, our bodies start storing more energy as fat which we store around the midsection. When this fat is subcutaneous, it’s relatively easy to burn off with a combination of dieting, exercise and rest.

However, when that fat is visceral (surrounding the vital organs) it can be much harder to shift and make you more vulnerable to a range of chronic illnesses. So, how do you ensure that your home is a stress-free haven? By eliminating the following…

Clutter causing home stress

Clutter can have a surprisingly profound impact on our stress levels. When our homes are cluttered it provides a visual distraction and prevents us from being able to relax and/or work productively at home.

For the good of your physical and mental health, it may be worth looking into some more intelligent storage options for your home, and deciding which of your belongings bring you pleasure, and which are simply taking up space.

Your home’s security

As vigilant as we all try to be in our home’s security, it’s only ever as strong as its weakest link. And while you may not be aware of it, the idea of burglars infiltrating your home can add significantly to your stress levels. Particularly in the current climate where the sanctity of your home plays a huge part in making you feel safe. 

The good news is that you needn’t spend a fortune or render your home unrecognisable to make it more secure. Little things like a secure Gliderol garage door opener can strengthen the most vulnerable points in your home security.

Likewise, a video doorbell can give you a little extra peace of mind and ensure you’re never unpleasantly surprised when you open your door.

And, finally… your decor

Believe it or not, even the nuances of your decor can add to your stress levels. Vibrant colours like orange and red are effective when it comes to energising and awakening you. But using them in places where you should be relaxing can prove surprisingly detrimental to your mental health.

A good understanding of colour psychology can significantly improve your state of mind and ensure that each room facilitates its function more effectively, whether it’s keeping you stimulated when working from home or helping you to wind down and relax.

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