Most of us think of our homes as these static objects that don’t really do a great deal and don’t consider home upgrades. You can’t interact with a house in the same way you can, say, a smartphone.

Or can you? 

It turns out that technology is breaking out of the world of electronics and making its way into multiple areas of our properties. Our homes are becoming more interactive, personalised and responsive to our needs. And what’s more – these innovations are already on the market. 

Be warned: some of these upgrades will leave you speechless. Let’s take a look. 

Temperature Control Sheets

There’s nothing worse than sleeping through a hot summer’s night, only to wake up the next morning in a puddle of your own sweat. It’s a disaster.

Mostly, though, you assume that it’s a problem nobody can solve. Duvets are going to do what duvets are going to do. 

Well, apparently, not. NASA has been busy beavering away, developing a technology that allows covers to capture the heat emitted by the body and store it. The idea is to collect the energy from your body and use it to power something else. But the effect is to cool down the sheets at the same time. Goodbye morning sweat!

WiFi Thermostats

WiFi thermostats are one of the most exciting developments in heating technology in recent years. Instead of fiddling about with a cumbersome dial on your wall, you simply tell your water heater what to do via an app on your phone. 

The fantastic thing about this is that you can do it from anywhere. So if you’ve left the house and forgotten to turn off the heating, you can just do it remotely. 

When you visit website catalogues, you can view which heaters are compatible with these systems. Sometimes you’ll need to replace your water heater, but not always. 

Remote Control Lights

Closeup of lightbulb on ceiling with a pink tone

Pexels – CC0 License

Imagine being able to walk into your home after a busy day and just tell the lights to switch on. Well, that technology exists, and it can make a massive difference in your quality of life. If you want to spend the morning in bed, for instance, you don’t even have to get up. You tell the lights to turn on – and they do. 

Soft-Closing Drawers

Brand new grey kitchen with wooden flooring

Pexels – CC0 License

Okay, soft-closing drawers aren’t exactly high-tech, but they are innovative and make a massive difference in your quality of life. They’re a small touch and cheap to install, but they prevent people from slamming your cabinet doors. Usually, you can pick up adapters for a few pounds from your local hardware store. 

Microwaves That Fry Chips Without Oil

Imagine if there was a device that could fry chips without using oil or requiring you to switch on the oven. Well, it turns out that there is. Companies such as Samsung and LG now make microwaves that have air frying features, allowing you to get that crispy texture you crave. Plus, you can connect these devices to your home assistant, allowing you to give voice commands.

What home upgrades has this made you consider?

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