About hoodies: are there any restrictions on gender to be able to wear hoodies? Does it have a limit on age in doing this? The answer is obvious to all: anyone can wear hoodies, men or women, young or old. As long as you feel like wearing one, you won’t go wrong. Hoodies are made flawlessly for your comfort. You only need to choose the right style and type of hoodie for any occasion. 

Women + Hoodies + Fashion = A Masterpiece

Who says women, hoodies, and fashion can’t coexist? Undoubtedly, women are so creative and artistic that they can turn a simple hoodie into a work of art. There are different ways of styling and wearing a hoodie. Read on and find out some of the masterpieces that you can try.

The Most Common Types of Hoodies and What To Style Them With


A pullover hoodie is simply a hoodie without a zipper, and being zipperless means that you won’t have any trouble about it being open or close. Wearing it is merely by pulling it over your head. This hoodie is incredibly comfortable because of its softness. Perfect to wear with a denim jacket, jeans, or a short skirt. You can add a beanie or eyeglasses for additional accessories. This look is from simple to cool in one second.


This is the hoodie with zipper and is easy to put on and take off. You can wear this with the zipper up or down or open. With the zipper up, you can wear this with a shirt or none at all. With the zipper down and open, you can pair it with a tank top, shirt, or crop top. You can wear any jeans, sweatpants, and even a skirt with a zip-up hoodie. It depends on your mood, and which look you are more comfortable with.  A beanie or a bonnet is a trusty sidekick that will enhance the coolness.


The Sleeveless Hoodie or the so-called Tank-Top Hoodie is perfect for warm weather and workouts involving arm movement. It won’t hamper any activity by the wearer at all. A killer combination with this hoodie would be crop tops. It will provide you comfort and freedom of movement along with a challenging but relaxed look. Now let’s get those boxing gloves on!


The Faux Fur Hoodies are one of the most elegant-looking hoodies—a perfect hot look for the cold weather. These hoodies are so flexible that you can wear almost anything with them, and you’ll still look fabulous. For a classy look, wear a turtleneck, shades, slim-fitted jeans, and stilettos at the same time. Pair them with a skirt and boots, and you’ll look cute and sassy.


The Fitted Hoodie is a casual wear that’s comfortable and satisfactorily cut to look great on women without being excessively tight. You can wear a shirt underneath for an additional layer when it’s cold and combine it with jeans or any pants that you’d like. Pair it with sneakers, and you’ll look athletic, or pair it with boots to look gorgeous. 


These sports or athletic hoodies are your best friends when in training or workout. They’re perfect with sweatpants, leggings, or cycling shorts. Running shoes or sports shoes are an ideal match for this hoodie. For an additionally funky look, you can put on your groovy earphones or headphones.


A knit hoodie gives out a super chic, comfy, and casual vibe with its loose style. It would look good on any jeans, trousers, and even skirts. Blazer and boots will also be an excellent companion for your knitted hoodie. Let the laid-back yet attractive style be your label. 


The Baja Hoodie originated in Mexico, is made of very soft materials, and comes in colourful and bold designs. It was once shaped like a poncho, but nowadays it comes in a hoodie design. If you like the hippie vibe, you can wear it with glasses and pants made of loose-fitting cotton. It’s also a great choice to pair with jackets for a more casual look.


Cropped hoodies are super cute and fun to experiment with and accessorize. You can pair them with denim shorts for that spunky look, with flared jeans to look good on a voluptuous figure, or with skinny jeans for a sexy look. A beanie would look fantastic with it, or even a pair of shades or sunglasses would be great. Sneakers, heels, and low boots are the best footwear to go together with.


Who says Winter Hoodies are created only for protection from the cold weather? Besides providing an extra layer of clothing and warmth during winter, wearing these hoodies under your favorite coat or jacket adds charm to you and your outfit. You can also wear these over turtlenecks. Pairing these with stylish winter boots, a bonnet, and a scarf will give you a glamorous uplift.


The Oversized Hoodie is versatile and comfortable to wear. It covers and hides your curves and figure, makes your legs look lengthy, and gives a relaxed look. Its roomy feature allows you to move freely while keeping you warm. You can wear your oversized hoodie with your choice of boots for a bold look, high-heels for elegance, or skate shoes for a punk-rock vibe. A trench coat is also a must for a mysterious look. You can also wear shorts or leggings if the hoodie is a bit short to cover all the curves by itself.

Comfort with Style: The Advantages of Wearing a Hoodie

Hoodies are something you can wear any day, anytime, and anywhere, no matter if it’s cold, rainy, or hot outside. This masterwork will complete any look, whether you’re sporty, preppy, or a rock chick. These hoodies will not only give you comfort during cold days or sports activities, but they can boost your morale and also help with relieving stress and anxiety.

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