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When you are holding down a full-time day job, juggling two jobs at one time, or taking care of children, there is often hardly any room left to do house cleaning. A survey commissioned by Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple and conducted by OnePoll with 2,000 American parents showed that they spent an average of 23 hours and 36 minutes doing cleaning and housework every month. That translates to five hours and 54 minutes every week! 

Home and Cleaning

This is time that could have been spent resting, with the family, and on leisure activities. Thankfully, there are house cleaning services that are able to send cleaning crews over to your home. However, not all cleaning services are equal.

Below, we have drawn up a list of five signs that will tell you if the house cleaning company (for example Houston Cleaning Services) you are looking at is worth considering.

Great client reviews

Family and friends are usually the most reliable if they also hire house cleaning services. Google the company’s name, check out Yelp for crowdsourced reviews and look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and other review sites for your area.

As you compare the reviews of different house cleaning companies, look for positive customer reviews that comment on their professionalism, cleaning skills, trustworthiness, punctuality, availability, and work ethic.

Excellent communication skills

The house cleaning company needs to understand your needs and be able to communicate them to their cleaning crew. If you have particular concerns, discuss these with them ahead of time.

Do you have pets around the house? How thorough are they when dusting the furniture? Are their products safe for a baby or small child? What products do they use for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen? Will the same crew clean your home on a regular basis?

Pay attention to how they respond to your questions. Are they clear? Do they understand exactly what you want to be done in your home? Do you feel comfortable with them?

Fully bonded and insured

A company that is fully bonded and insured gives you added assurance that you are covered if anything is broken or goes missing from your home. A professional, reputable company will volunteer this information to you and state it clearly on their website.

Wide range of services

The best house cleaning companies will have comprehensive and flexible packages for all types of customers. Depending on the number of people in your home and the amount of cleaning you need to be completed, packages can be tailored to you.

It can be as simple as cleaning one or two rooms. You may be moving out of a rental and want it cleaned so it is move-in ready for the next tenant, or it can be a comprehensive deep cleaning of your entire house. To give you an idea of the range of these services, check out the All Star Cleaning website.

Well-screened employees

If you have valuables at home or need to leave small children with a sitter while you go to work, it is very important that the cleaning crew can be trusted. A dependable and professional cleaning company is one that carefully screens its employees and runs regular background checks on them.

In the end, your gut will tell you which house cleaning service will be the most dependable and trustworthy, but these tips should help you along the way.

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