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There comes a point in time where moving houses is needed and every house needs a makeover before it can become your home. Even if you are not moving, it can be nice to consider some minor improvements to make your house feel homely.

So with that in mind, here are some simple but effective ways to settle into your home; be it after a move or to freshen up your home’s feel.

Picking The Perfect Sofa 

For living rooms, a sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture to get. Not only will you be spending a good amount of time chilling out on it, but it also acts as a centrepiece to pull your living room together.

The sofa is the place you go to relax or the place the family cosies up together for movie night. It is also where you will host any guests, or entertain any friends that come over for some quality time.

But for many, the sofa is only used occasionally. Every family unit, be it one person and their cute dog, or a family with multiple kids, will use the sofa in different ways. So considering your lifestyle is first and foremost the deciding factor on how much to spend on a sofa and how to dress it up for your home. For example, if you already have a sofa you like you can consider different cushions or a new throw.

With so many sofas on the market from contemporary styles to more traditional styles, big sofas and loveseats, be sure to choose one that will match your day-to-day use.

Choose Your Lighting Carefully

The importance of lighting in the home is vastly understated by many people; from home-style bloggers to professional contractors. The lighting can set the whole tone for a room. 

Even the colour of the light will have an impact on the overall mood of the room. You wouldn’t install deep blue lights, for example, that would be better suited to a nightclub. While that is an obvious example, the premise is the same.

But you don’t have to just consider permanent lighting fixtures on the walls and the ceilings. You can invest in some table lamps, LED strip lights (with soft undertones), backlights, and even lights built into the floor for more contemporary homes. Lights can also be used under counters or tables for some extra style points.

Another thing to consider is installing dimmable lights, rather than binary lights that only have an ‘on’ and ‘off’ state. This will allow you to control the brightness and by extension the mood of the room. Got a romantic date night? Slide the light down, cosy up, and enjoy a film with your significant other.

The room is vastly important. Different rooms will need different lighting requirements, so do keep that in mind. By getting the right light that matches the tone and theme of your room can make your house feel homely.

Let Your Radiators Radiate!

Finally, as a last bit of advice, pay attention to your radiators. Radiators are a staple of home improvements as they often get left alone, concealed, or at best given a new coat of paint.

Turn your radiator from a necessary addition in a room to a fixture! There are so many designs to fit every home – be it modern, sleek designs or something more traditional. Trade Radiators is a good place to start looking for getting that perfect radiator for your home’s design.

In Conclusion

This is by no means an exhaustive list but these are some simple and effective ways that can help you turn your house into a home. When we were renovating our own home, we even went as far as installing soft white LED strip lights in our hallway! 

There are no limits to making your home feel homely. So, get that perfect style you are after and create living spaces that fill you with glee!

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