There really is no reason you can not enjoy a drink or two, if you choose, as part of a healthy diet. If you follow Slimming World then the syns of wine are listed here. For other alcohol, I have many listed in my frequently asked syns questions. Do you want to win a bottle of Jaffa Cake gin?

gin cocktail

Top tips to ensure you can still lose weight and drink

In my experience the big key is to do everything in moderation, this includes drinking. Here are some tips which may help you.

  • Drink low-calorie mixers with drinks to reduce unnecessary calories.
  • If you are thirsty drink water first so your drink lasts you longer.
  • Avoid cream-based cocktails like Pina Colada.
  • Plan food in advance for when you get the munchies after drinking.
  • Have smaller glasses of wine, single shots instead of doubles and halves instead of pints.
  • Don’t deny yourself anything because if you do that will make you want it more and binge on extra!

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Frequently asked syns questions

Low-calorie cocktails

What can you win

This giveaway is for a 700ml bottle of Jaffa Cake gin. If you have not tried it yet then you really do not know what you are missing it is absolutely amazing!

The prize can be swapped to one of an equal value if you do not like gin as long as the prize is available from

Winners must be over 18 and this will be verified so please do not enter if you are under 18 unless you are happy to swap your prize for an alternative as you will just be wasting your time.

How to enter

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Jaffa Cake gin (or an alternative prize as explained above) then it is really easy to enter. Simply click on the widget below and choose the entry options you would like to complete. The more you complete the more entries you have into the draw.

Please remember that if you say you have followed my Twitter for example for your entry but have not this will invalidate your entry. So, what are you waiting for, enter today and see if you can win!

Good Luck!

Win a bottle of Jaffa Cake Gin

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  1. I like strawberry and lime koppaberg but only buy a 10 pack every couple of months. Also enjoy a glass of disaronno!

  2. I do love a cocktail, the WOO WOO being my current favourite. I am also partial to a raspberry vodka and WKD! They have been my drinks of the summer for sure.

  3. this is my daughters favourite flavour it was her 40th birthday yesterday 3rd September,here’s hoping for a extra pressie for her .

  4. I do like a vodka and diet coke and drink on a Friday & Saturday and sometimes a Sunday if it’s been a particularly trying week!

  5. a bar near me does a bubblegum daiquiri and it’s just heaven. I don’t get out there a lot though so lucky if I drink it once a year

  6. My favourite drink tends to be Zinfandel Rose wine, as it’s so refreshing. I tend to drink a couple of glasses at the weekend, as I’m quite a lightweight when it comes to drinking!

  7. I drink a 500ml bottle of sparkling water everyday and a 330ml can of pop everyday.
    I love to drink Messerschmitt around Christmas time and enjoy a can of pint can of Carlsberg quite a lot

  8. I don’t drink alcohol very often but have been enjoying a bit of cider in the recent hot weather. Mostly stick with tea or water

  9. Besides tea, my favourite drink is Southern Comfort and lemonade which I tend to have a couple at Christmas and an occasional one a couple of times a year

  10. I like nothing better than a pint of real ale in a nice pub. I would say I do that a couple of times a month.

  11. me and my hubby usually have drink once a week on a Saturday, love Pornstar martinis even though they’re probably not that great as they’re full of sugar but we only have them once a month the rest of the time it will be gin and tonic, wine or fizz.

  12. I very rarely drink alcohol, but when I do I enjoy trying different flavour vodka’s or gin’s with mixers. I usually try fruity flavours, so this would be something new.

  13. I love a sweet white wine on the weekend. I do love flavoured gins to, sometimes for a cheeky ‘Tuesday tipple!’

  14. its a piña colada , i don’t drink it much only really on holiday. freshly made, not one from a bottle, they just aren’t the same. i do love a milkshake , vanilla

  15. I have realised that I need to reign in my Pepsi Max habit although I dont think 1 can a day is too bad. it really helps the 3pm slump

  16. I love cocktails and make a new one at least once a week, using different spirits and sometimes fancy ingredients. But my favourite drink is still rum and coke! I usually drink one every other weekend, with a gin and tonic on the opposite weekend

  17. My go-to is a nice glass of merlot! I used to drink a glass pretty much every evening but have cut back to just once a week now (my health and waist line certainly approve!)

  18. I love cider. I always have one on a Friday to relax from a tough week, a saturday because it’s the weekend and a Sunday to calm me before being back at work on a Monday.

  19. Love your posts I’d love to start my own blog on my own sw journey but ain’t a clue how.
    Could you advise me please.
    Elizabeth Allen

    1. For me, this summer my favourite drink has been Pimm’s and I’v been drinking it several times a week! Outside of the summer season though my favourite drink is Tia Maria and I also drink that several times a week either with a mixer or as a Calypso coffee with squirty cream, the full works!

  20. My favourite drink is cider, Thatchers mostly but I do drink others – and I drink it several times a week 😀

  21. I do love Bailey’s. I only drink it if I get bought a bottle as a gift so no more than 3 times a year, even then I only drink one very small glass or make a milkshake in an evening.

  22. At university money is tight so I stick to vodka with squash… However whenever I can my favourite is a pink gin and lemonade!

  23. I love a good boxed cider and they are getting more popular so that’s a bonus! We don’t go out often but when we do it’s nice.

  24. i like taboo & lemonade, only have it on a few occasions through the year. I cant handle hangovers any more!

  25. I really love a Purple Rain but I mostly just order it if they have it on the menu when we go out to eat (which isn’t very often), however I do have it on my list of things to learn how to make.

  26. I love vodka blackcurrant and lemonade it’s so refreshing however I don’t drink often maybe once a month

  27. i love a baileys over ice , i normally just drink it around xmas and then finish it off over the new year ,

  28. My fave drink is cranberry and vodka and I don’t drink it very often to not having vodka as it is not an essential purchase.

  29. Massive gin lover, my favourite is mango and passionfruit gin with Lemonade, usually have it on a weekend as a treat!

  30. My favourite drink for a special occasion has to be champagne or sparkling wine and my favourite casual drink is pink or lemon gin with lemonade

  31. I love a really good, chilled glass of Prosecco. I don’t drink very often. But really enjoy a couple of glasses when I do

  32. Just started my weight loss journey and alcohol has always been a tricky one! I have even been told to cut it out totally, thanks for considering the fact it isnt possible!

  33. Tough one. I would have to say Nigerian Guinness! Now that I’ve moved out of London it’s slightly more difficult to get hold of in the sticks, so I find I might get to have a small bottle (275ml) once every couple of weeks or so. Lovely stuff. I’m thirsty now….

  34. I like Ponche Caballero, a Spanish liqueur with coke, also nice to do shots with lime cordial. I don’t drink very often though, less than once a month

  35. My favourite drink changes depending on the occasion! I love a Malbec with a steak, a gin and tonic as a aperitif and a baileys to finish an evening 🙂

  36. My favourite drink is a prosecco, or a Hugo (proseccom elderflower, mint and lemonade) if I’m feeling adverturous. I used to drink it weekly, but have had an 8 month break due to being pregnant. Looking forward to my first drink after baby arrives in a month’s time

  37. My favourite drink is pina colada but I rarely drink it nowadays as I don’t go abroad any more and it’s uncommon here.

  38. I do love a gin or two on a Fri/Sat night. There is so much choice now and I do love trying new flavours!

  39. My favourite drink is an ice cold lager shandy or a Pina Colada cocktail, usually on holiday in the Caribbean.

  40. I love a cocktail usually vodka or gin based but will give anything a go. usually like to try different ones when away on holidays

  41. I like an occasional glass of red wine, and sometimes join my grown up daughter in a glass of gin with an interesting tonic

  42. I like to have a few bottles of lager with my husband while sat in the garden, usually just the weekends, but have been known to have a midweek couple lol

  43. due to my health i don’t drink much, i do love cherry brandy, with cherry coke and with a couple of cherries soaking at the bottom… yummy

  44. My favourite drink is amaretto, either on the rocks or with lemonade. I only drink it occasionally, maybe one or two glasses a month, mind you they are my measures so could well be at least doubles, probably triples. Since entering the menopause I’ve found that alcohol increases my hot flushes so I tend to avoid it mostly.

  45. Daily I like a cold can of Diet Pesi, but as an alcoholic choice at the moment I’m into Baileys Eton Mess.

  46. I’m not a big drinker, only really have alcohol I’m planning to get drunk. Still looking for something which actually tastes good!

  47. I don’t have a favourite drink and make different choices all the time depending on the function and surroundings, but more often than not opt for a wine

  48. It depends on the weather. I like a Teelings whiskey in the winter, but I like a lager in the summer. I’d probably enjoy Jaffa cake gin all year round!

  49. Mine is Amaretto. I don’t drink it very often. Just an occasional glass, perhaps every month or two.

  50. My favourite alcoholic drink is white wine – and I don’t drink it as often as I would like, haha!

  51. In the summer rose wine on a hot day; in the cooler months G&T before dinner and Baileys at Christmas with cake.

  52. My favourite drink for special occasions is a Martini.Other wise I do enjoy either cider as its a more refreshing drink. I drink it about once every 2 weeks.

  53. My favourite alcoholic drink is Mojito but I only have it when I’m on holiday in an all inclusive resort. Most of the alcohol I have at home is for cooking