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When you buy a car, you need to think about the insurance for it too. There is cheap car insurance out there you just need to know how to find it. You need to know what car insurance you are looking for. And how much on average it will cost for you to be able to drive legally. Car insurance is needed because it not only protects you.

It also protects your car if you cause damage to another car whilst you are driving. If you need medical expenses paid due to an accident, car insurance will also cover that for you.

If you have a third party, fire and theft, this covers the repairs for other people’s vehicles if you damage them. But it will not cover the cost of your car in this incident. But it will cover any damage if the car is stolen or catches fire. 

Third-party, fire and theft is the cheapest car insurance to buy, but it could end up costing you more in the future. Especially if you damage your car a lot. Without car insurance, your car is not legal on the road.

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Look For Offers for cheap car insurance

When you look online for car insurance it is best to shop around. Take a look around, making sure you have the correct details at hand to get quotes. You can use a comparison site, which is probably the best way to find cheap car insurance. Then it takes you through to the website for you to buy the insurance.

Comparison websites are great but the way they work is that they get paid to recommend certain websites. So it is still worth checking google out and seeing if there is anything else that is better for you. 

When you find a company that you want to buy your car insurance through, leave your email address and close the page down. If you haven’t bought your car insurance within a couple of days, they normally email you a discount to lure you back to the website. 

Make Sure You Have The Correct Insurance

Having the wrong insurance could be costly in the long run. When you are looking for insurance, you need to be totally honest about who you are.

If you are buying car insurance for a teenager, you need to be completely transparent about who the insurance is for. It will be very expensive for a teenager, but trying to get it cheaper by cutting corners will surely backfire on them if they have an accident.

Check to see if you qualify for particular insurance. If you are an infrequent driver there is an insurance called usage-based insurance. You only pay for the insurance that you use. There is even car insurance for disabled veterans so have a good look and see whether you can get specific insurance for yourself.

Be Careful When You Drive

You can get cheaper insurance if you have lower mileage. If you drive to town, once or twice a week, your insurance will be cheaper. Whereas if you drive 1000s of miles your insurance will be higher.

Being careful as you drive will also help to keep your insurance down. Because having no claims on your insurance, will give you a no claims bonus for next year. Also having off-road parking and extra security added to your car like alarm systems will bring your insurance cost down. 

Try To Avoid Modifications

Firstly, any modifications will need to be legal. Otherwise, you could get into trouble legally as well as your car insurance being expensive. Legally modified cars can be expensive to repair, so it will reflect in your insurance prices. Also adding alloy wheels, expensive bodywork and other additions will make it more attractive to thieves and stop you from getting cheap car insurance.

Pay Annually For Your Policy

If you have the money to pay for the year upfront, then do it. If you choose to pay monthly, it spreads the cost but there is usually a monthly admin fee to pay.

Paying upfront gets that whole cost out of the way for a year. Also if you have a higher excess on your insurance, your policy will go down. This is fantastic if you are a very responsible and careful driver. But if you know you are likely to need the insurance, then go for a lower excess amount. 

When you buy a policy, also look out for hidden charges. This can be by paying to amend details when you change your car or address. Some companies charge an admin fee for the change. But you can also get cheap car insurance policies that do not charge for the hidden extras. 

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