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Along with diet and stress levels, sleep is a key pillar that can determine your health. However, it is important to realise that all three factors are interlinked and that by improving the other two, you should be able to improve your sleep. When it comes to ensuring you’ve got a stress-free, happy family, sleep is also extremely important to consider. If one member of your household is feeling a little rough, then that could affect the moods of everyone else in the house. Making the bedroom perfect for good sleep is important too so be sure to check these tips for your bedrooms.

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However, considering that the suggested amount of hours one should sleep depends on their age, it could be tough to synchronize family sleeping times, especially if you have children of different ages. This doesn’t mean that it is not possible, though, and it is a goal you should strive for. Here are some top tips to ensure that you’re all getting the sleep that you need: 

1) Focus on your children’s sleep before you focus on yours

Teenagers often require up to ten hours of sleep, which you, as an adult, won’t need. It is thus a 1 better idea to ensure that your children are getting enough sleep before you worry about yourself, because, in general, they need more. This means ensuring that they are in bed a few hours before you. 

2) Focus on your diet

Although most people know that you should avoid caffeine in the late hours of the day, few people realise that your diet as a whole can affect it. Thus, it can be a good idea to make sure that your family is eating sleep-friendly foods throughout the day. This means a lot of fruit, nuts, fatty fish, oats, whole grains and more. 

3) A nighttime routine for family sleep

A warm cup of milk and honey might not have any scientific benefit to ensuring you get to sleep, but it certainly does have a psychological benefit. If you get into a daily routine, then your body will start to associate the drink with going to sleep. This should automatically make you calm down, and ensure that you can get to sleep. This routine needn’t be milk and honey. You could replace it with chamomile tea, or another cosy routine that has nothing to do with drinking, such as reading aloud to your children before they sleep. 

4) Cut down on technology usage

If you want the children to sleep their needed 10 hours a day, then leaving them alone with access to social media probably isn’t going to cut it. Although scientific studies now say that lack of sleep is more harmful to children than social media usage, both can go hand in hand. It is probably a good 2 idea to make sure that there are no electronic devices in the bedroom. Also, it can be a good idea to reduce how much you use technology for up to two hours before you sleep. 

5) Set a good example for your children

Show your children that when it comes to your sleeping times, you are disciplined. This will encourage them to be disciplined in their sleeping times as well, as they are less likely to see the strict rules as unfair. Set a good example regarding technology as well. 65% of children whose parents have an electronic device in their bedroom also have at least one device in theirs.

6) Sleep close to your children

Make sure that your children sleep in a room that is close to your bedroom so that if there is a problem throughout the night, you will be nearby. This should also make your children feel more secure, especially at a young age, which should help them to fall asleep easier. 

If you are like the majority of people who prefer to sleep on their sides, then it could well be your mattress that is preventing you from sleeping so well. Be sure to consider buying a mattress for side sleepers to improve your sleep.

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How to help you family sleep better

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