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Disclaimer: you won’t necessarily be able to lose all your lockdown weight gain before Christmas but could lose some!

Ok, so I will start by saying that it is totally normal to have gained weight during the lockdowns we had over the last 18 months. Working from home and helping your kids learn from home is hard so it is inevitable that you have gained weight. That is nothing to be ashamed of because you can not change it now. Instead, let’s look at moving forward!

Step 1 – Assess the damage

If you keep avoiding the scales you will not know the reality of how much you have gained and what you have to lose! Get on those scales and be brave. Consider that weight as the highest weight you will be now and that the only way now is down.

Step 2 – Set some goals

It is important to set some goals, both short term and longer-term goals. Think realistically aiming for small consistent weight losses rather than quick big weight losses followed by binges! I know it is tempting to lose weight quickly but I promise it doesn’t always work, you need to think in the longer term and think about keeping it off and changing those habits.

Step 3 – Decide on a plan to lose weight

How will you lose your lockdown weight? Is there a specific diet you would like to follow or are you going to focus on calorie counting? In some respects, calorie counting is better because it is very individual to you. By using a calorie calculator you can calculate how many calories you need to maintain your current weight and how many you need to achieve your weight loss goal. This helps you see where those calories should fall between to gradually lose weight.

Step 4 – Move more

Could you do some exercise to burn extra calories too? Remember not to use this as an excuse to eat more but see it as a bonus to become healthier. If you want to see how many calories different exercises burn use my exercise calorie calculator. There are so many different exercises out there you are sure to find something you enjoy.

Step 5 – Be proud of every little achievement

Do not compare yourself to others, we all have different bodies who have different metabolisms so your weight loss is unique to you. It is important to remember this and to reward yourself as you lose weight, but not with unhealthy food!

Step 6 – Be accountable

Be sure to be accountable to yourself and perhaps to someone else. If you slip off your plan that is fine, just get back on the plan and keep going. If you struggle to be accountable why not try my free resources to track your progress?

How much do you hope to lose between now and Christmas? Could you drop a dress size and wear a much more comfortable party dress for that office party? Let me know your goals to lose your lockdown weight in the comments below!

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