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With Easter coming up, you may be thinking of gifting somebody with an extra special idea rather than the usual box of chocolates or Easter egg. The advent of the internet combined with necessity thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic means that some unique gift ideas for Easter have come to fruition that you can order online, meaning that you don’t need to leave the home to either get them or deliver them.

easter eggs

While there are hundreds of things you could get for somebody special from excellent sites such as Prezzy Box, Etsy and Funky Pigeon, there are some standout gifts ideas for Easter that should put a smile on the face of even the most discerning individual. 

Some great ideas include:

  • Flowers
  • Letterbox gifts
  • Digital gifts

Flowers are nothing new but online flower deliveries are on the rise while letterbox gifts have become a necessity thanks to Covid-19 and digital gifts are a new medium that goes a little further than an individual present.

A Rose by any Other Name

Blossoming bouquets are a symbol of Easter as the Spring season dawns upon us. Giving flowers to someone special is an age-old tradition that shouldn’t be reserved for Mother’s Day, the anniversary or a funeral. While there are species of flowers that are typically associated with different occasions, there are just as many that can be mixed, matched or paired for almost any time of the year and any event.

Since we can’t visit each other yet and won’t be able to for Easter because of lockdown rules, sending flowers is a great way of showing that you care. Easter Lily and Lily of the Valley are associated with Easter and many online florists can help you with a particular arrangement as well as helping you to send flowers to Milan, Paris, New York or anywhere else you require them to be. 

Going Postal

Specialist gifting sites have been only too keen to capitalise on the Covid-19 pandemic and have developed some creative gift ideas, not least the now popular “letterbox gift”. These are gifts or arrangements that have been designed to be able to fit through a standard letterbox without the need for any social contact in case of viral transmission.

Companies such as have developed beautiful ideas for Easter treats that can be delivered straight to a loved one without the need for contact. Such gifts include sweets and treats arranged in hamper-like flat boxes, specially designed chocolates and even wine sets that come in flat bottles rather than traditional wine bottles.

You Bit and I Byte

A digital gift can be more of an experience of lifestyle accompaniment rather than a standard gift but standard gifts are also possible in digital form. Many people are choosing such digital gifts as book or magazine subscriptions, video game codes and online classes among many others. 

Rather than a physical gift such as a video game that must be ordered and delivered, for example, a code can be emailed to a recipient whereby they can credit their account for a particular online gaming platform such as PS Plus, Steam or Epic Games Store and then use the credit for the purchase of whatever they like. This type of gifting negates the need for contact and in a pandemic world and saves a lot of time and possibly money as there are no shipping fees.

Gift ideas for Easter

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