This is a paid for post with links I have been paid to include but all dreams and ideas are my own for if I had endless money.

There are so many things I would love to do if I had the money. I thought I would share them with you in a wishlist type post. Then if any of you happen to come into lots of money and want to treat me you know what I would love.

Four rolls of various countries currency tied up with elastic bands
Money Rolls

A house abroad

I would love to have a house abroad, or maybe more than one, properly paid for not with a mortgage. Perfect locations would be, Majorca, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo in my eyes. Where would you like to buy a house if you had endless money? Where would you emigrate to?

Each would have to have good links to airports and cities so it would be easy to go whenever we fancied a breakaway. There are so many places I would love to live so maybe the list would be longer. South Africa sounds lovely too. Some would need swimming pools and of course, also need a cleaner to look after them for me! I could choose the perfect flooring and upgrades to make the house perfect.

Cosmetic surgery

Whilst I am content enough with my body of course like anyone I would love to change elements. This is why with endless money I would be treating myself to a little cosmetic surgery. Of course, first I would want to ensure they could find pain relief I wasn’t allergic to. I have many allergies to pain relief which make operations difficult.

Ultherapy sounds pretty good as it is non-invasive and helps tighten up the skin on your neck, around the eyes and hairline. I wonder if it would make me look younger, hope so! One of the things I would pay for is Ultherapy in London with 23MD.

A new house

I love our house but who wouldn’t want a bigger better house with a stunning garden? Buying it stress-free and with no worries. Whilst I think I would stay in a similar sort of area as we have family and friends here but would love to live in a castle, yes I know unlikely but if I had endless money…

I am rubbish at reversing and maybe a chauffeur would be a good addition too! Not because I don’t like driving as I actually do, but so someone else can park for me when I get all stressed out and anxious parking in tight spaces!

New cars

When we visited Portsmouth Ben loved the Porsche garage next to the hotel so I think we would have to treat ourselves to a Porsche or two. I think a few cars would be in order if money was endless as let’s face it, different cars for different weathers would be amazing.

Treat my closest family and friends

When times are tough you can always tell who really cares. If I came into endless money I would ensure those that have been there for me throughout and never judged would be well looked after. I would also definitely give to some charities that mean a lot to me. Particularly the Whizz Kidz charity gave Ben an adapted trike which he loves.

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