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I love cooking and I am often sent new products to try for the blog. Between the items I am sent and my love for shopping I seem to be constantly tidying up and trying to squeeze everything in the cupboards and fridge. I will soon need my own industrial size kitchen!

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Here is a list of all the reasons I think I would benefit from an industrial kitchen, and one reason why I can’t have one!

Why I need an industrial kitchen

Our kitchen gets too hot when I am cooking for hours. I need air conditioning of some kind!

I need a dishwasher, ideally one that involves very little effort and includes someone to do the job for me.

I would love a huge walk in fridge and walk in freezer. How much easier would it be to not have to try and play Jenga every time you have to put something in the freezer? Not opening the fridge to Babybels falling out, or worrying about bulk buying at the shops because you don’t have the space for it all!

Big equipment! I would love a machine that washes all the potatoes for me, another that grates things and another that steams. All this equipment would be spread out and have their own plug sockets. No more having to unplug something every time you need to use a blender!

Stainless steel surfaces! Whilst they are not the prettiest of things they are immensely practical!

Why I can’t have an industrial kitchen

I don’t have the space for an industrial scale kitchen, nor would it look good in our house! We don’t live in a mansion so the reality is whilst you can see i would really benefit one it just wouldn’t make sense!

Essentially in an idea world I would live in a huge house with it’s own industrial size kitchen, with staff! Then whenever I want to cook I could go and make a mess for someone else to clean up!

I really should stop dreaming should’t I and get on with some work!

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