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Do you ever look at workplaces, factories, restaurants or shops and wonder why we don’t have an equally good product at home? I guess often it is due to lack of space but here are 20 things often found in a more industrial setting I think would be so handy to have at home!

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

In the home

So many things in the home would be better if they were made to industrial sizes and designs, here are some I often think about.

Walk-in fridges

I am forever playing fridge Jenga in my fridge, trying to squeeze everything in, the same with the freezer, if only we had space for a walk-in fridge and freezer! Not that I have seen them designed for home use, they would be amazing though don’t you think? All the beer and wine at Christmas could be in there, not to mention the options you would have with batch cooking!

Vegetable washing and peeling machines

If you have ever worked in a kitchen you will no doubt know the machines I mean, yes it is lazy but peeling potatoes is one of the jobs in the kitchen I really detest. Why are these not available in a home size machine?

Hot water machines

We actually have quite a big hot water machine which is so handy but why are there so many small ones that hold enough for about three cups! Top tip to find these is to search Amazon etc for catering hot water dispenser. There are so many and pretty reasonable prices too. Definitely a life changer!

In the Garden

Non-slip flooring

Why is it not commonplace to have those non-slip floorings everywhere instead of just industrial units and such? Do you know the ones I mean, like these GRP flooring ones made from fibreglass that stop you slipping in the rain etc. Can you imagine how many accidents would be reduced if all paving slabs were made of these? Kids slides and such should have those non-slip edgings on too, how useful would that be?

Hardwearing grass

Did you know that some grass in public places is designed to be part plastic? Not great for the environment, I imagine, but so much more hard-wearing. We have an artificial lawn in the back garden now which is good but an in-between like this would be good too. I had never really thought about lawns like this until they told us on our tour of Liverpool Football Club that that is what they have!

Outdoor furniture

Why is it that outdoor furniture in pub beer gardens seems so much longer lasting than the ones designed for home use. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places? What do you think?

Is there anything you look at in more commercial places and wonder why we can’t have it at home? I am definitely hoping I can earn enough money one day to have a bigger house and walk-in fridge and freezer! To be fair though maybe I should push harder and earn enough for a personal chef too, how good would that be!

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