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It sounds weird, doesn’t it? You’re trying to sell a property, yet now to buy more stuff! On the face of it, it’s counterproductive. After all, you’d rather keep the money and spend it on your new property because moving is expensive and not everyone has a bottomless budget.

step ladders in a flat being painted
Flat painting

However, what property owners fail to recognise when trying to sell a property is the level of competition on the market. Hundreds of homes are up for sale in your neighbourhood, and you’ve got to beat them to make a quick and lucrative sale.

Here are the investments that will put your house in a position to stand out from the crowd. Unless you simply want a quick auction (relatively hassle-free) sale where you won’t need to do much, here are the investments that will put your house in a position to stand out from the crowd.

A Professional Cleaner

Cleaning is one of those jobs that everybody thinks they can do without any help. You do it every day, so you don’t see the point in hiring a professional and waste more money. Of course, expert cleaners have knowledge and equipment that the average property owner lacks. As a result, they’ll perform a deep clean of the areas of your home that you didn’t know existed!

Why is this important? It’s crucial because your property has to make an excellent first impression. Houses that fail to wow prospective buyers are the ones that stay on the market for years.

A Handyman/Woman

In the spirit of ensuring your home is welcoming and has kerb appeal, you should consider hiring a local handyman or woman to fix broken features. Most houses require repairs, no matter how small or cosmetic, and you must tackle them head-on to add value. Otherwise, your property won’t appear homely, and it will lack that special something. You can do it yourself, but this is your future you’re messing with. A professional handy person understands not only how to repair broken items, but also how to make them appear glossy and smooth.

There are tonnes of them in any community. A quick click of a button will reveal all thanks to your favourite search engine.

External Storage

Clutter is the biggest problem that sellers face. Firstly, it’s messy and makes your interior and exterior appear untidy. As a result, it will be less appealing to anyone who schedules a viewing. Secondly, clutter limits the floor space, making your house seem small and suffocating. Both of these are reasons buyers don’t make bids, which is why Fairy Meadow Self Storage is a fantastic investment. External storage of any kind should give you the freedom to put your belongings elsewhere.

That way, viewers will be able to stamp their authority of the space.

An Interior Designer

Depersonalising your home to sell a property is a brilliant option. However, it’s dangerous, too. Houses without furniture and accessories can come across cold and bare. Therefore, it’s essential to use what features you have to your advantage. Interior designers do this daily because it’s their job. They can tell you how to structure your home’s interior so that it’s the perfect mix of de-personal and homely.

Again, you can do it yourself, but do you have the skill to optimise your interiors?

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