I must admit I am a bit rubbish when it comes to data security. I store all my photos on Google Photos online and all my financial information on my laptop. I have a password on the laptop and have most things backed up on a hard drive (when I remember) but otherwise, I am really not tech-savvy.

I have started to think I need to get all my personal and work data sorted and encrypted but I really wasn’t sure how. Let’s face it unless you are a tech geek it is not easy to know what to do! Or so I thought! iStorage changes that and makes it easy. If I am saying it is easy then it must be easy! What is it about? What did I think?

iStorage device on wooden surface

What do iStorage do?

iStorage is a company that specialises in encrypted data storage. Their range starts at small USB sticks for individuals and moves up to cover hard drives for even the biggest of companies.

The devices use a keypad on the device itself and without entering the correct pin you can not access the data on the drive. Clever isn’t it!

So, what happens if you want to store data from something other than a laptop? That is not a problem either. The products can be suitable for all sorts of devices from CCTV to printers and phones to medical equipment. If it uses USB then the chances are it can be compatible.

How easy is the iStorage datAshur Personal2 to use?

The datAshur Personal2 is a flash drive that fits into any USB port, the instructions are really straightforward as to how to change the default pin code to your own and start to use it. When you insert the datAshur Personal2 into your device you can also access the full instructions to learn how to do more with it.

If you are buying these as an employer you can set an admin passcode and then a user passcode. This enables you to access and change the data on the drive even if your user forgets their passcode! There are other options available too such as enabling read-only for your use if required. All of these are really straightforward to set up using the keypad on the device itself.

To lock the device and essentially stop others from accessing your data there are two options. One is that if it is not plugged into a device it is automatically locked. Therefore if someone was to come and unplug your drive and take it to open elsewhere they couldn’t access your data without the code. The other is that you can set a time delay of how soon you wish the drive to be locked.

Inputting the incorrect passcode as an admin 10 times wipes the drive completely and your data is gone forever! Whilst this sounds scary remember this is the point of it and you don’t want other people accessing it so just remember your code and all is okay!

How much are the iStorage datAshur Personal2 flash drives?

This particular drive is £39 for 8gb and the 32gb one I have is £59. There are so many alternative options available if you need larger storage or desktop rather than portable storage.

There is an amazing desktop drive that stores up to 12TB of data so you really do have a huge choice! Pop over to the iStorage website and see what size you need.

Personalisation is also available for a small extra cost! Mine has Jen Mellor on the rear, hopefully, if it gets lost then it is more likely to be returned. Perhaps if you have multiple at home you can more easily see what each one holds or who it belongs to!

Would you recommend them?

I absolutely love this idea and if someone as rubbish with tech as me can work it then it must be great! I have found it really straightforward to use and the capabilities are amazing.

Now if only someone would put a few million pounds into my bank account so I could have multiple spreadsheets of properties and investments then I would have something a bit more secret to keep safe. For now, it will have to be my photos, invoices and client data.

I received this product free of charge to try out and share with you guys however all opinions and experiences are my own.

If you found this helpful please share!

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