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Where you start and end your day should leave you feeling your best self, no matter what you may be doing. Whether it involves preparing yourself for a big meeting in a study space or relaxing from a long day in a bathroom filled with your favourite aromas. That leaves us to wonder why texturizing space has become such a big trend this year. Here are some handy hints for creating the feel you want.

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Make Pinterest your main interest

Pinterest is the digital mood board you didn’t know you needed. Take it with you anywhere and add to it the moment something inspires you. Or, you could start by looking for one idea, only to end up with millions, just by searching a single word. Using the ‘boards’ tool, you can divide up your ideas by room, colour, flooring designs and function.  

What catches your eye?

Our homes represent who we are as people. Though your friend Joe Bloggs swears by the shabby chic look, you might be looking for textures that are a little more vintage and earthy of tone and style. What colours meet your objective? Is there a flooring that represents the era you are focusing on? How can your chosen accessories bring comfort? Once you have a scope of the options out there, you can narrow your focus towards the textures and colours you prefer.

Incorporate your current fixtures and fittings

The features you own now were picked for a reason, be it sentimental or materialistic. Make a list of things you want to keep and put them to work. Similarly, this should be the case with bigger fixtures, such as flooring. For those who are into the texturizing trend this year, Luvanto is perfect for characterising your flooring.

Create a home with harmony

Getting a sense of homeliness is easy to achieve when you know what you’re looking for. Earthy materials, such as oak and sandalwood, can enhance the cosy atmosphere of your home. Choose these tones in vinyl flooring and you’ve got yourself a bargain! This is because vinyl flooring is the best for durability and style. Amtico is renowned for its duality of abilities and saving you money in the process.

Invite Amtico and Luvanto into your home

Some aspects of creating a cosy home need a little guidance. That’s why Amtico and Luvanto are the public’s favourites. They work for any theme, can add texture to a large space, which provides depth. Why not see how these brands work in your home?

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