I love to share my favourites with you and recommend businesses and places I have been. Sometimes I write a full article about something, other times I just want to share a few lines about something so you know I highly rate it! Here I will share a selection for you to read and see whether it inspires you to try anything new.

A few of my personal favourites

These are some of my personal recommendations, people or places I haven’t actually written a review about but would recommend from personal experience. I will never add a listing to this selection for money or in return for products, it is purely places/people I have chosen myself and recommend!


I love sweets and chocolate, that is probably a reason I struggle with my weight! If you love them too then I highly recommend you visit Sweet Zone in Bolsover! It isn’t far off the M1 in Derbyshire (Cavendish walk Postcode S44 6DB) so if you are in that vague area it is easy to visit and the most amazing sweet shop I have ever visited! They have everything I remember from being young in jars to choose from, American sweets and snacks and even 1kg bags of pick and mix for £10! Check out one of them in the picture below! It is huge!

Household services

Tri-Lec Electrical Services have been amazing during our house move, being patient every time I have changed my mind or asked for something different to be done. They offer great value for money and advice as to what we would need and the different options available to us including advising cheaper options where suitable so not just one of those companies that try to push you to spend more! They cover a huge area across the Midlands so get in touch if you need anything done!

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