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I love to do what I can myself, I am very independant like that. When we recently got some new fence panels we put them in ourselves as the posts were already there so it was relatively easy. Other jobs however should always be left to professionals, either for health and safety reasons or just because I can be clumsy! Here I will share with you a few reasons why I leave some jobs for the experts!

A man standing doing mechanics
Mechanic Working on Motor


I appreciate many of you are quite able with cars and so much of them I believe can be tinkered with by an amateur. However, I am pretty rubbish with cars and don’t even pump up my own tyres! Some of that is because I am lazy about it but some is genuine fear that I will do it wrong! I have never contemplated changing a wheel and in an emergency I would have no choice but to ring someone! That is what breakdown companies are for anyway isn’t it?


Titanium fabrication particularly is a complex job. Making big bits of machinery with titanium and welding them sounds not only a big job but also dirty! For this very reason it is typically left to titanium suppliers such as Special Metals. An ex of mine was a welder and fabricator and what a dirty job it is!

Making gifts

I quite like to sew and have made people gifts in that way before. Also I am not bad at cooking so that is a gift I can make. Things like crafts, jewellery etc is not my forte! I would have no clue what metals to use for jewellery and where to find silver chains! When it comes to crafts I only know PVA glue is the one that you paint on your hands and peel it off and super glue is pretty blooming strong. Otherwise I am honestly clueless. If I ever offer to make you something that is not food or does not involve sewing give it a wide birth!

Fixing things

If it needs glue or duck tape then I am on it and get it fixed. When something has instructions to assemble it I do that. However something I do not do is tinker with things that do not work and try to fix them. I am no engineer and fancy electronics will just confuse me. I have no intention of learning these things. After all that is what people train to do isn’t it?

Building furniture

Whilst I am all for being independent and assembling flat packed furniture I have only once built something myself. Stuart and I built some custom shelves inside an alcove and made doors for them to make cupboards. They are by no means expert quality but we did a good job. Kitchens on the other hand, wow I could never build cupboards and drawers for a kitchen. The ones at Kitchen Warehouse and much nicer than any kitchen units I could make. Definitely a job for the experts!


I love the idea of making wine I really do but the fact is I much prefer drinking it! The chances are I would end up spending ages making one for it to taste like vinegar! Why do something like this yourself when experts know what they are doing and make mighty fine wines themselves?


Now this is something I think I could become an expert in! I like shopping and I like spending money. Maybe I would be a good personal shopper? Not in clothes shops though as I am rubbish at fashion as anyone who has met me in person will know! I wear things I like that are comfortable. Fashion is not my thing and I don’t flick through magazines looking at clothes admiring them. Maybe to some degree that shows I would be a rubbish personal shopper!

Are there any jobs you only ever leave to the experts despite other people being keen to have a go at themselves? Do comment and let me know.

Why some jobs should be left to the experts!

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