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I love my blog and how I have built it up myself to become my job. In the future I aim to have more blogs/websites with different themes and do more and more of what I love. I would love to have offices too and employ people to work on my sites and carry out my dreams. Obviously to do all the tasks I don’t enjoy as there are some I still love. Here I thought I would share with you some office and business dreams I have. Of course not in too much detail that you steal them ha ha.

A wooden surface with a black laptop, notepad and pen, mug of coffee and spectacles

My own stylish office

I guess the first step is one of those places where you use an open office. In the long term I would love an office with style and character that really stands for everything Just Average Jen loves. The colour teal, food, self-care and being mentally healthy. I would hate a boring white office so it needs to be good looking with a real wow factor about it. The designs by the architects at Object Space Place look perfect. Unique and just so me.

Dreams of Employees

There are some aspects of my job I really do not get much pleasure in doing. These are the sorts of jobs I would love to hire an expert for or train someone up to do them exactly how I like them. A dream of mine would be to train up people like my son Ben with Autism and other needs including depression and anxiety to have a job they can do from home or in an environment that is suitable for them and still work and feel like they contribute to the world without being overwhelmed.

A new house

Let’s face it while I want a stylish office away from my home I would also love a new house with a home office in. Potentially in the garden so it has it’s own boundaries so I can switch off too but working from home is what I love so I sure don’t want to lose that aspect of my job.

Websites for all my interests

I have a few dream websites I am working on in my head that I need to get set up and into practise. Watch out 2020 Jen is taking over the world one website at a time!

What are your business dreams?

Just Average Jen dreams of taking over the world!

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