Every year we welcome in the newest fitness trends, and every year fitness professionals think of new ways to make working out fun and unusual. Whilst sometimes we don’t feel like there is, there are many fun ways to keep fit.

When we enjoy our workouts, it’s much easier to keep our bodies moving and healthy. That’s why there are so many amazing fitness trends coming our way.

To help you find a new fitness hobby this year, why not take a look at some of these amazing and super fun workout classes and activities below and have a read of a previous post I wrote about fun exercises!

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Aerial Arts

A hobby that is really taking off is aerial arts, also known as circus training. These classes allow you to play around on the silks, trapeze and aerial hoop. It’s not only extremely fun way to keep fit, but it is also an amazing workout.

Learning aerial acrobatics is a great workout for building upper body strength, core strength and increasing flexibility. You’ll be amazed at how addictive it can be and before long, you’ll be desperate to attend your next class so you can nail all the moves.  

Open Water Swimming

Open-water swimming is starting to increase in popularity, due to its apparent benefit to mental health. Being outdoors has a massive impact on your mental well-being and open water swimming can help you to feel freer, as well as help you to boost those all-important endorphins.

Have a look around your local area to find an open water club, there are many popping up all across the country, making it a great social event as well as a workout.  


It might not sound like a workout, but taking up birdwatching gets you out of the house and into your local countryside. Not to mention, it is completely free to do and great family activity because bird watching is relaxing.

Create challenges for yourself to find the rarest UK birds and set out into the great outdoors. You won’t even notice how many miles you are clocking up walking around looking for the birds. Plus, a recent study revealed that watching our feathered friends helped to decrease negative thoughts and feelings.  

Tip: Make sure to take some Kennedy Wild Bird Food peanuts for birds or mixed bird seed out with you, to attract birds to your bird-watching spot!

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is another activity that you can also do as a family, or on your own as the perfect stress reliever. Not to mention it will do wonders for your core and upper body strength.

There are plenty of climbing centres across the UK and there are even clubs that take you out into the British countryside to climb.      

Ninja Training

We’ve all seen Ninja Warrior shows, whether the classics like Takeshi’s Castle or on UK TV on a Saturday night. Now, the general public can have a go at these hardcore ninja courses, created indoors and in an adult soft play-style room.

Many of these ninja courses are like indoor playpens for adults and they are extremely fun to do. Even if you aren’t at the peak of physical fitness, the courses are fun to tackle, especially with friends.  

Fitness has definitely progressed over the last few years, with more unusual ways to keep fit and active. Now, fitness is moving more towards a body and mind focus, meaning that more and more classes are taking mental health into consideration and what better stress buster than having fun and boosting endorphins?

To read all my posts with tips and experiences of various diets, exercises and lots more check out my comprehensive Weight Loss and Exercise section.

5 unusual and fun ways to keep fit in 2019

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  1. These are really cool ideas to get out and get moving. I love the idea of the open water swimming, but I live in Michigan and we are currently getting a foot of snow, so that one will have to wait!