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When I was contacted by Kids Life Clothing, I was disappointed to find that they only do kids clothing and I am 15 but 6ft tall and wear adult size clothes. Because of that, I wish I had found them sooner! So I asked if I could review a bag instead of clothes and was excited to be sent this Kipling bag.

What do Kids Life Clothing sell?

When I first looked on the site, I was really impressed with the amount and variety of the designer gear they stock. They sell bags, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and designer gear including Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland and Calvin Klein.

What type of clothing do they do?

They do lots of different ages ranging from babies to 16-year-olds (unless you’re very tall like me!). There is a lot of variety for all ages so there really is something to suit everyone whatever their age and style. If I was younger, I might have asked my mum to order me more stuff from there as there are so many things that I like the look of!

What did I get sent?

I was sent the Kipling Seoul bag, it is water-resistant so perfect for if you walk to school and it is rainy. It also has lots of pockets for a tablet or phone, a bottle holder so you can hold a water bottle and many more useful features.

This bag is perfect for back to school as it is very handy. The size of the bag is not small but not too large so perfect for putting it on your shoulder to carry.

What did I think of the bag?

I thought the bag was comfy, had lots of pockets for all of my gadgets and felt like a designer bag. Also, the bag had a big pocket so I could easily put my laptop in for when we go away on holiday or abroad. My style is sort of mishmash but it definitely went with my style and I think it would work well with whatever I wear.

Is there a good range on the site and do they offer good value for money?

There are lots to choose from on the website and lots of different prices so lots of choices for the money you have. The designer stuff is going to be priced more highly which is to be expected.

I think there are a lot of choices and everything is priced right and lots of items to suit lots of styles for boys and girls.

Overall, I loved the bag I was sent and I could see myself using it daily because it is so handy and wearing it for school trips. Whenever we go anywhere, I think it will become one of my daily essentials.

You can check out the website of Kids Life Clothing here.

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