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Kitchens are usually the heart of our home. Where we prepare and eat our meals during the week and where we entertain family and friends at the weekend. Therefore, practicality and style are just as important as each other in the kitchen decor.

They need to show our personality and taste, as well as being easy to maintain and practical. There are certainly ways you can have both! Let’s go through the different elements that make up a room and see how to get your dream kitchen…

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A good place to start if you’re totally revamping your kitchen is the flooring. It is not something that you will be changing often, so with it being there to stay for a while you’ll want to weigh up all the options and make the right decision.

It’s often the first thing people notice when they walk into the room, therefore it can make or break- so what’s the best option?

Firstly, talking from a practical point of view, we’d go for luxury vinyl tiles as the number one choice. It is stain, water and scratch proof, making it an ideal option for an area that is likely to see exposure to food, moisture and a lot of foot traffic.

LVT also comes in convincing replicas of desirable flooring such as tiles and wood and, you can install underfloor heating, something popping up more and more in modern homes. Not to mention that it’s very easy to clean, ideal after those messy mealtimes…

Laminate and wood aren’t options that we’d recommend as a top choice, but they’re not totally unsuitable. Laminate flooring is water and scratch resistant but isn’t completely waterproof, so as long as you’re relatively careful, there’s no reason why you can’t go for laminate in the kitchen.

How about a different wood option?

Engineered wood on the other hand you’d have to be a little more careful with, although as long as it has been finished properly and you clear up any spillages quickly, then engineered wood flooring is still an option.

There’s no doubt that real wood has unbeatable beauty, so if you have fallen for its charm then you can enjoy it in the kitchen and dining room. However, you can install underfloor heating with engineered wood, so if this is something that’s important to you then go for this.

Now we’ve covered practicality, it’s time to dive into style. It all depends on what theme you’re going for, whether that be rustic, contemporary or traditional. There’s usually one thing that all these themes have in common, that being to keep the kitchen clean cut and smooth.

As you can imagine, your kitchen is likely to have stuff dumped in it, as well as washing up piling up after mealtimes (unless you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher!). You don’t want to be falling over unnecessary clutter, therefore keep your surfaces as clear as possible.

Perhaps consider a wood mimicked flooring with lots of knots and grains to hide debris, not only does this type of flooring add tremendous character but boasts an easier cleaning routine. 

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We’d recommend staying away from wallpaper in the kitchen as it can pick up grease and burn stains easily. As well as this, it can bubble and peel off if moisture comes into contact with it.

With this being said, tiles and paint would be a more sensible option. Tiles and painted walls can also be scrubbed of grease, grubby fingerprints and anything else that may come into contact with it. 

However, just because wallpapers aren’t the best choice doesn’t mean you have to go for something plain. Lots of homeowners enjoy painting different walls different colours- creating bold character! Brightly coloured walls show off a warm and welcoming statement, even better during those frosty winter nights…

If you’re wanting that clean cut, contemporary look however, then opt for neutral walls such as white or cream. It may seem a bit of a ‘cop out’ but it does make your room look more spacious and airy- remember, you’re going for decluttered spacious look! 

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The affluent look of grey stone work surfaces works a treat no matter what your taste is. They last years and show off a plush, lavish interior. Try and stick to the same colour and material theme throughout the room, too much of a ‘mix and match’ approach can again look uncoordinated, cluttered and clash with each other.

So, if you like the rustic look, then maybe wicker furniture and wooden cupboards. Equally, glass cupboards and furniture if you enjoy the clean-cut contemporary style. This theme exhibits clean edges and a minimalistic look, often matte black surfaces and light fixtures. Island counters or breakfast bars with stools are a common feature of modern kitchens too- ideal for a quick bowl of cereal during the morning rush!

If you have an open plan kitchen, then you have even more kitchen decor possibilities. You can then start introducing sofas, TVs, tables and chairs… that you start thinking about living room décor ideas too which is a whole other story!

Your kitchen is a room like no other in your house. With most of the room is taken up with necessary furniture such as the cooker and fridge, many of us think that we don’t have enough space to incorporate our style and taste. However, we hope these pointers have changed your mind and that in fact, your kitchen can be the most character-filled room in your home…

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