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If you have quite a small kitchen as we do then organisation is key otherwise you end up falling over yourself trying to find what you need and forgetting where you have put things. I am by no means an expert but here are my top 5 tips for organising and decluttering the kitchen.

Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen
Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen

Meal planning board

Use a big noticeboard for everything from meal planning to who is doing what and when. This means you don’t have things lying around everywhere and have a clearer workspace. Magnetic Whiteboards are ideal as they have space to write on as well as pin things to!

One board looks so much tidier than lots of pieces of paper on the fridge and lists everywhere. Once you have one you will wonder how you coped without all this organisation!

Minimalistic and glossy

Hang what you can on the insides of cupboards. What you need to have out try to buy in a glossy style. It reflects the light and makes it feel like you have more space. This is the style of German kitchens and looks great. Look around at the surfaces in your kitchen and when you can adding glossy items will make such a difference.

Kurb your spending

Don’t bulk buy what you can’t store. I know it is tempting to bulk buy but if you have no space to store it do you really want a cluttered kitchen until you can use 20 boxes of washing powder?

Rather than getting every gadget you see think of the space it takes up and if you will actually use it. I really want a Ninja Foodie but I am undecided as I may not use it as much as I think.

Consider a Renovation

There is no doubt that a kitchen is the heart of the house – but it is also the room subjected to the most wear and tear and the highest footfall. If you have been applying all the tips above but your kitchen still looks cluttered and untidy, you might look into whether a renovation can help. Something as simple as investing in new cabinetry, changing up the kitchen tiles, and adding new fixtures can truly breathe new life into your favourite room!

Chose bins well

Go for smaller bins that you empty more often if you can. This might be an extra job but the extra floor space may make the kitchen feel bigger and make all the difference. If you can’t bear to do this then how about a square or rectangular bin as that automatically takes up a little less space than a circular one?

If like us, you have a few different recycling bins in your area then this can be difficult but I am loving the choice of bins with compartments now. Whether Ben would ever remember what goes where though, I don’t know!

Use all your cupboard space

Make the best use of cupboard space by using a tension rod under the sink to hang spray bottles to allow more space for other things. Add shelves in cupboards if that helps and use wisely space on top of cupboards.

I would love a massive kitchen with lots of space but the reality is that with a small kitchen, it is possible to be organised and by meal planning using a board you buy less shopping as you work to a list and that helps you need less in the cupboards too!

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