Do you love a kitchen gadget as much as I do? Whether it is a new potato peeler or an Actifry I am always excited to try something out. Here I thought I would share with you some fun items I have found available on Prezzybox. They sent me a few items to try out too. I hadn’t realised how many cool items they have, not just presents as the name implies.

mealkitt or meal kitt open on a wooden table showing different scoops and compartments in different colours for different foods.

Meal Kitt

If, like me you struggle with reasonable portion sizes this Meal Kitt may be the gadget for you! It is designed with an average man or woman looking to maintain weight in mind but easily adapted for those looking to gain or lose weight.

The enclosed booklets explain how to use it and how to work out which levels each compartment should be at for your goal. Each of the sections is for a different type of foods and helps you to eat the right quantities of each item. It also includes some exercise plans if you like to exercise too! The Meal Kitt is £19.99. The below picture gives you an idea of how the gadget helps you control your weight.

booklet open with suggestions of portion sizes of foods using the mealkitt

Personalised conversions glass chopping board

If you find it frustrating when a recipe only has the measurement in ounces and you want grams then you are not alone. I am forever googling to find out the conversions. This chopping board for £24.99 is a perfect kitchen accessory helping you easily see the conversions whenever you need them and can even be personalised.

Cookbook stand

We all need a cookbook stand don’t we. This one from Prezzybox is gold in colour and £9.99 so nice if you are looking for one. Alternatively I guess you could use a grip style coat-hanger hung on the cupboard door! Not as pretty though!

Personalised circular wooden board with the words, just average Jen queen of the kitchen, speciality: burning easy meals

Personalised serving board

Do you love Instagram and serving your meals looking picture perfect? This serving board available in a variety of colours and personalised to suit you is great. You could add a silly speciality as I have done or your signature dish, the choice is yours. At £23.99 it would look great as an extra in your photos!

Guacamole tool

Making guacamole is fiddly isn’t it? The guacamole tool at Prezzybox could be the answer to this. If you love guacamole then for £24.99 this tool could be a bit of a life saver!

There are loads more amazing kitchen items on the Prezzybox website so do go and take a look. I love the oil slick design glasses and Ben is a fan of the bacon cookbook! Stu would love the paella kit as he loves when I make him paella!

In the kitchen with Prezzybox - 5 top buys!

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  1. I love the personalized chopping board and I love the meal kitt too. so useful and perfect for my kitchen 🙂

  2. I have been working on weight loss and having something to help with portion control would be so helpful. I have heard they have special scales as well measuring calories. This looks great.

  3. I hadn’t heard of this company before but they have some cool things. I especially like this Meal Kitt! Since I am actively monitoring my food intake, that would be great!

  4. I have to admit I’ve never really thought about what Prezzybox can offer for the kitchen but these are some absolutely amazing ideas! I love your personalised items, they are going to be such fun to use as well.

  5. I love that personalised chopping board! The prezzybox is a good idea, and I like the meal kitt too. It’s very useful!

  6. What a neat kit and I’d love to have a cookbook stand as well. The personlaized carving board sounds fab but I’d want to hang it on the wall for looks, lol.