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During this strange time in life, it’s hard to know what to do. There are fewer distractions than ever before; you may be spending more time with your partner than ever before or you may be on your one more than you ever have been – whatever it is that has changed for you, now is the perfect time to really get to know yourself. Right now is an opportunity you’ve never had before to pause and to reflect and instead of just going with the flow and doing what other people want or doing what you feel you should or have to do.

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You might have already realised some things about yourself during the last few months, they could be things that have surprised you or even things you don’t like about yourself – and this is fine, it’s all part of getting to know yourself, releasing who you really are and then if there are things you don’t like you can work on them. So, how can you proactively use this time to get to know more?

Try a new look

Now is the perfect time to try a new look. It could be new hair colour or style, a new style of makeup, you could get yourself some fake nose rings or temporary tattoos and just see how you feel. Nothing has to be permanent, but you could give yourself a new look and give yourself to get used to it and see if you really like it or not. Not having to go to work or out with friends takes the pressure off slightly and you won’t feel so self-conscious about trying a new look. Then by the time you do see your friends, you’ll be used to your new look and feel confident about it – or you will have decided that it’s not for you and go back to your old style.  

Think about what makes you happy

Use this time to ask yourself some questions about what you like and what you want. Use it to try different things to figure out what you enjoy. In the past, it’s likely that you will have done things to impress people, gone dancing classes because all your friends were going or done activities in school to get certain grades or to achieve what was expected of you.

Now you have the time to try new things. While these things might need to be online, at least you can get a taste for it now and work out what you like. It could be art classes, different forms of exercise, cooking or creative writing, the list is endless and doing this will provide you with a greater insight into what the real you actually enjoy, and you’ll also have a lot of fun along the way.

Look after yourself

When times are tough and when you have more time to think, it’s understandable if you start to question who you are and where you’re going, but it’s also important to take some time to think about your emotional wellness. This can mean getting lost in a great novel, having a nice long bath or just getting at least eight hours of sleep. Using this time to look after yourself will mean that your thoughts will become less erratic, and you should feel a lot calmer and more ready to face any challenges ahead.

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