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Ladies timepieces and watches are, quite frankly, incredible. There are so many different, styles, designs, additional extras, that can suit every single girl’s taste. The sheer variety can, at times, be a little overwhelming, and thus time-consuming to choose the perfect one. So, here I’ve explored a few different styles to help you determine which one is best for you.

beautiful watch

Smart Watch

Technology has certainly come a long way and is there to (hopefully) assist us, and to make our lives better. A smartwatch definitely aims to do just that. It not only tells the time, but also has all manner of fun little extras such as a step tracker, and even a heartbeat tracker.

Some smartwatches really do earn the name ‘smart’, they can connect to your phone meaning you are able to receive notifications, texts, listen to music, and all from your watch! This is a great option for those who like to keep up-to-date with their messages and emails wherever they are. A smartwatch is also great for those of us who are keen health and fitness enthusiasts.

A smartwatch definitely stands out from the crowd due to their added extras. On the other hand, if you are looking for a prettier type of watch, perhaps one that could be worn for a special occasion, then a smartwatch might not be the best option.

Cocktail Watch

A cocktail watch is truly a thing of beauty. They were most popular during the 1900s, and are a gorgeous piece of antique jewellery. They typically incorporate a diamond or gemstone bracelet with a watch face – a very impressive 2in1 piece.

They are the perfect timepiece for a special occasion or event. Or, if you are a very fancy lady you might even be able to pull off an everyday wear cocktail watch.

Ladies watch

Digital Watch

A digital watch holds nostalgic value for some of us. They are usually cheap and cheerful, and typically come in a range of styles, that will suit anyone’s taste.

Often a digital watch will come with additional features, such as being waterproof, an alarm, and the date detailed on the face, and sometimes even a stopwatch.

A digital watch is a great piece for everyday wear, but perhaps wouldn’t be appropriate at a fancy event.

Skeleton Watch

A skeleton watch is a bold and stunning style that is something to behold. It gets its name from the open-view watch face, which allows the wearer to view the intricate mechanisms involved in the watch movement.

Many well-known watchmakers are jumping on this new trend, and creating skeleton watches for women, as well as for men. This type of watch lends itself to women who admire the inner workings of a watch mechanism.

Chronograph Watch

A chronograph watch is a watch that definitely appeals to the confident, go-getting women out there. This is a classic timepiece which also incorporates a stopwatch. The watch has one large face, and then a smaller face for the stopwatch on the larger face. The different features are typically controlled by push stoppers on the side of the watch face.

A chronograph watch is usually crafted in metal, with a metal strap. But sometimes you can find this design with a leather strap too if the leather is more of your style.

Chronograph watch

There we have it, many different types of ladies timepieces and watches. Have you got a personal favourite, or maybe there’s a type of watch you want to tell us about? Let us know in the comments below.

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