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I have previously shared Optifast products with you and those articles have been popular so I wanted to share here the latest products along with some of the old favourites. If you are considering a meal replacement style weight loss plan then Optifast could definitely be the one for you as it is an NHS preferred product and really easy to try out to see if it suits you.

What is Optifast?

If you have not read my articles about Optifast before you can find them using the search bar at the top of every page of my site. There are posts I have written explaining it in more detail however in a nutshell Optifast is a meal replacement plan whereby you can either replace some of your meals or all of your meals every day with the aim of weight loss.

The products are all calorie counted and full of all the nutrients you need so it makes it really simple to follow the plan and lose weight. If you are looking for on the go meals then the drinks can be made quickly with water or you can just grab an Optifast bar and pop it in your bag!

The new products

The range consists of drinks, bars, cremes (like a custard-style dessert) and soups. In our family, the bars are most definitely the favourites however my nephew prefers the drinks and the creme!

New to the range is Optifast Protein Plus. This consists of a new higher protein Optifast Vanilla drink and a higher protein Optifast chocolate drink.

The Optifast chocolate creme is new to us too as we have only tried the vanilla previously.

My thoughts on the new products

I love that Optifast has introduced the higher protein range as I think whilst the flavours are the same it helps those who are calorie counting or trying to lose weight but also want a high protein diet.

Whilst the original products combined give you enough protein for the day I know many people choose to have protein products and monitor the amount of protein they have too, especially those who go to the gym a lot.

If you are someone who is keen on the idea of trying protein drinks for weight loss but also wants to be sure that you are not buying high protein but also high-calorie products and undoing all that hard work then Optifast could be what you need. Each of the new shakes contains 249 calories and 28g of protein.

selection of Optifast products

How much does Optifast cost?

There are often offers on the Optifast website so do bear that in mind when reading the following prices. The RRP is often not the price you will pay with often 20-25% discounts.

A standard box of Optifast drinks is £19 and contains 8 sachets, the new protein plus range are £28.50 however they contain 10 sachets. Other products are priced at £17 for a box of 6 bars and soups and cremes are £19 for a pack of 8 sachets. The shaker is £4.99 and I would definitely recommend it to make the drinks smoother but there are often offers on that too!

If you are unsure if Optifast is for you then I would definitely recommend a week trial pack for £30 as it allows you to taste a few different products and see if meal replacements are for you.

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