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I drive a leased car and I know a few other people who do too. It is a great idea for many reasons so I thought I would share some of them with you. Maybe it is something you had not considered before? It is very similar to renting a house and really straight forward.

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5 reasons why I recommend leasing a car


You can choose a car with different factors in mind. As you will only be leasing it for maybe 18 months you do not need to think whether you could have more children in 3 years. It really is just something to think about for the length of the lease. If you have twins in a few years then you can get a people carrier but in the meantime if you want a sports car why not!


Whilst hiring a car could be seen as wasted money in the same way as renting a house the upfront cost is less. If you don’t want to get a car on finance for whatever reason this may be the choice for you.


With a lease car you never have to go through the stress of selling a car before you can buy a new one. There will never be a time when you have to worry about the resale cost and how much your car has depreciated in value.

Repairs and breakdowns

With many rental companies like Blue Chilli Cars there is breakdown cover included for some or all of the lease. As you are leasing a new car the car is under manufacturers warranty so you have the benefits of a new car in that respect. By adding any extra required to cover breakdowns this means you get no unexpected bills.

Leasing a car is stress Free

Everything is sorted for you at the beginning and end of the term. You just need to agree on your mileage and the payments. Insurance is your responsibility and of course any claims on the insurance but that is it. A new car for you to collect and drive that maybe you would never have afforded otherwise!

Do you lease a car? Is it something you would consider? I think it is a great idea and whilst not suitable for everyone it can be great to allow you to have a new car without huge initial outlay.

5 Reasons why leasing a car is better than buying one

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