When was the last time you received a letter that wasn’t a bill? I get a lot of parcels through Just Average Jen for items I am reviewing but I rarely get any letters. In fact, the last one I had was from a relative with a picture of my dad as a boy in for me.

I have had Lloyds bank asking me if I want to change accounts, the hospital with appointments but nothing else for ages. I used to love writing and receiving letters.

When Viking Direct asked if I would like to work with them to get an international pen-pal for world letter writing day I was excited. In all honesty, I hadn’t realised a World Letter Writing day existed though! Did you know about it?

A selection of Viking stationery on wooden surface

Letter writing and why I love it

The pen-pal I have been matched with is in The Netherlands so I am excited to hear back from her. I thoroughly enjoyed writing my letter to her. I had forgotten how much I love writing letters.

Sharing your life with someone else written down during an evening with a cup of coffee and a candle burning is a great feeling. Receiving a letter full of news from your friend is lovely to read on your way to work or with a cuppa in the evening.

I used to have a lot of pen pals but life got busy and the digital world took over. It is a shame really. This amazing set of goodies I was sent from Viking Direct shows letter writing can be more than just a pen and a scrap of paper.

The choice is yours it can include wax sealing your letters, washi tape to decorate them and fountain pens to write if you like. The importance is what your write to share your life not what you write it on. Nice paper is always lovely to receive though.

Who could you write to?

Do you fancy writing a letter to someone? Are you not really sure who to write to? I sometimes write to my grandma as she loves letters. Do you have an elderly relative or friend who is not able to get out much or have much contact with others? Someone who would really appreciate a letter?

If you are really not sure you know someone to write to don’t worry I have an idea. How about sending a letter or card to a seriously ill child?

The Postpals charity helps children with serious, sometimes terminal illnesses smile a little more. This doesn’t cost a fortune and is done by encouraging people like you to send a little letter to them. You can send gifts if you wish but a lovely letter is appreciated just as much.

I have written to children through Postpals for a number of years now. I can assure you that a letter you take ten minutes to write will really be welcomed by a child who is struggling.

Pop over to the Postpals website if you think this is for you and would like to get involved.

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Will you join in?

Would you like to put pen to paper more and get friendly letters in the post too? It surely has to beat a quick email or text.

I would love to hear if you are going to write more letters especially as today September 1st is World Letter Writing Day. Who will you write to? Someone, you know? A seriously ill child or their sibling?

Or maybe just a little letter to say thank you to a local service or shop? Make someone smile with a letter. It might not be as instant as a Facebook message but it is so much more personal.

Use the comment box below to give me a giggle. Share what you last received in the post however fun, boring or wacky!

If you found this helpful please share!

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