Regular readers of my blog will know I am very open that I suffer from depression. I have struggled with it for a number of years now and whilst it isn’t always easy to lift your mood permanently sometimes lifting it a little for even just five minutes can help you cope with the day. I am a great believer that depression is as important a problem as any physical health problem. If you had constant pain and could take it away for just 5 minutes a day, of course, you would so why not try and lift your mood for a little too.

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So here are my 10 top ways to briefly lift your mood, and whilst they might only last five minutes that might be the difference of a really down day and a slightly down day. Or maybe they may make the difference of how your child sees you today and if they can see you smiling that will make all the difference too. Can you force yourself to do something for just five minutes to try and lift your mood? Go on you can do it, its just five minutes.

Ten little things to do

Listen to your favourite song on full volume and sing along.

Have a quick shower with some shower gel that smells good.

Go for a little walk, or even just sit out in the garden for a few minutes in the fresh air.

Find a funny video on YouTube to watch.

Enjoy a hot drink and a biscuit.

Phone a friend and have a good gossip – talking about something fun, not problems if you can.

Have a cuddle with someone special to you.

Look through some photos of a happy time.

Tidy up something near you – feeling like you have achieved something and sitting in a tidy area helps lift your mood.

Buy yourself some flowers to brighten up the room.

What do you think?

I am not saying these things will cure your depression because of course they can’t. Sometimes though just five minutes of feeling better can make all the difference though can’t it. If you know someone who is struggling with depression maybe you could do one of these with them? It could really improve their day.

10 ways to lift your mood in just 5 minutes!

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