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Now that we are officially in lockdown for the second time around, many people will be looking for ways to occupy themselves for the rest of the month until it is over. If you are looking for some different things to do this time around, here are four ideas to help you get through lockdown!

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Stay active

While not an exactly groundbreaking tip, exercising often and staying active is crucial during lockdown where it is very easy to stay in bed or on the sofa watching Netflix all day long. Even though gyms are shut, that doesn’t mean that your fitness routine has to nose dive and that you can’t be just as active (if not maybe even more) at home.

With plenty of fitness videos on Youtube, there is something for everyone, and you can make use of items around your house, like water bottles, in place of gym equipment. Making sure that you get fresh air is also crucial to physical and mental health, and taking up a social distance sport such as running is perfect for getting your heart pumping and endorphins racing to avoid those SAD winter blues. 

Start on your Christmas shopping!

Now that we are in November, the festive season is coming upon us thick and fast, and we can start looking ahead to Christmas! Of course, with all of the current uncertainties, the holidays will look and feel very different this year, but it is by no means cancelled.

How Christmas will be celebrated during the pandemic will be very individual, but it can still be a magical day even if it is scaled down – it’s all that you make of it. Why not learn to make a Christmas wreath too?

While the leadup to Christmas is usually chaotic and filled with stress, with everyone trying to fit in their Christmas shopping alongside their daily jobs and responsibilities, this year’s silver lining is that you have more time to get a jump-start on things.

While stores on the high street remain shut during November, the world of online shopping is here to save the day, leaving you free to browse and tick things off your gift lists one by one, all in the comfort, warmth, and safety of your own home. 

Get your house in order

With the extra time indoors, it is now the perfect opportunity to do all those things around the house that have been on your list for a while, but you just haven’t got round to doing yet. Ideas include sorting through your wardrobe or small DIY jobs, such as getting that scratch in your window fixed with Glass scratch repair.

As the temperatures drop and the long nights roll in, it is also a great time to add some new seasonal additions to the home, such as blankets, cushions, fairy lights, rugs, and throws, to make it cosier and really add a touch of hygge.

You could even start slowly adding some festive touches around the home; after all, it really is the most wonderful time of the time, and everyone could use a bit of extra sparkle in their lives right now, so why not put your decorations up early?

Make time for what you love

Giving time to what you are passionate about and love, whether painting, baking cherry Bakewell rocky road or mini egg rocky road, or writing, is a guaranteed way to make both the time go fast and make you feel great. Doing what you are naturally passionate about will make you feel alive and enthusiastic, which can be hard during lockdown when you are cooped up at home.

Indulging in a passion such as cooking is also great for your mental health, helping you to build up greater mental resilience. Make sure you also make time for yourself and ensure you stay in touch with friends to avoid getting lonely.

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