Sometimes as a mum it is easy to put others first and feel like we don’t deserve a treat but of course we do. It is sometimes easier to have a nice evening in rather than get a babysitter or the cost of a night out so here are some ideas I was given to share with you.

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Sometimes, you just want the world to stop for a while so that you can have a break. When you’re juggling family and working life, it can be hard to take the time that you need to recharge your batteries for the next hectic day.

Even going out for a drink or a meal can be tiring when your energy levels aren’t as high as you’d like them to be, so sometimes you just want to stay at home and have a night in. The great thing is that it’s a lot cheaper this way because you don’t have to go anywhere. Even if you have some girlfriends round for an evening, they’ll all muck in and help.

Here are a few ideas to get you stimulated and planning what you can do for your low-key mum’s night in.

Enjoy a movie night

You can create your own cinematic experience either by yourself or with some of your girlfriends to keep you company. A movie night with like-minded people is a great way to relax, and you can catch up on some of those chick-lit dramas that you just haven’t had time to get around to watching.

Pull up a comfortable sofa and some chairs, dim the lights, and enjoy a romantic story or two. You could make some healthy snacks beforehand to share around, perhaps some raw vegetables and two or three dips, but you can also have a little treat such as some popcorn or a little chocolate – everything in moderation, of course. Oh, and don’t forget the box of tissues for those weepy bits of the film!

Host a spa night

There’s little that can match a bit of pampering when your life seems to run at full throttle. Invite a few friends over, get them to bring their bathrobes, and spend some time relaxing by giving each other manicures, facials and pedicures using good-quality creams and washes. A spot of nail varnishing could be also a treat, and there will be plenty of time to have a gossip and catch up with life outside your four walls.

Catch up with your reading

Sometimes, it’s impossible to take the time to read for any length of time when you’re so busy, so why not curl up comfortably with a book and spend some time escaping the often mundane realities of life? If you would rather not be on your own, then have a book club meeting with some friends. It doesn’t matter if all the girls haven’t read the book – they will appreciate an invite to get them out and about, and you could also throw in some free food.

Have a wine tasting party

This is a fun way of getting people together and enjoying themselves, exploring different types of wine and relaxing with lots of opportunities to chat. It doesn’t have to be an expensive night, especially if you ask your guests to bring a couple of their favourite bottles with them, or you could encourage them to bring things that they haven’t tried before. It spreads the cost, and everyone feels as though they’re making a contribution to an entertaining evening.

Bring out your best crystal wine glasses to provide a real touch of class to the party, remembering that it’s best to have different glasses for reds and whites to show off the wines at their best in terms of bouquet and taste.

Organise a games night

Whether it’s cards, Cluedo, Monopoly or anything else that your friends will enjoy, games are always a great way to have fun and bond with each other. Games such Uno or Yahtzee are entertaining and diverting, and if you’re into whist or bridge, you can teach others how to play and give them a new experience that could get them into a new hobby. You could add a touch of competition into your game playing by offering inexpensive prizes to the top two or three players.

Provide a few healthy nibbles and offer a choice of alcoholic and soft drinks, bearing in mind that one or two guests may be driving.

Use your imagination

There are so many ways that you can have some low-key downtime, either by yourself or with good friends. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you can get a real boost to your energy levels from the pleasure that you give to yourself and to others.

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