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With a pandemic sweeping the planet, more and more people are reporting that their stress levels are at an all-time high. Everyone is focused on their health and there is turmoil even with a simple thing like wearing masks to protect yourself and others too. Social distancing has made it so we can’t gather often with friends and sharing a caring hug seems like a relic of the past. It’s all too much, really.

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There are economic worries too. So many jobs have been wiped out and forecasts say a lot of the employment opportunities won’t be coming back at all. If you are lucky enough to be working, you may be doing so from home instead of at the office. After a while every day looks the same when you are cooped up at home for work, sleep, eating and your whole life. Some families have two people working from home and child care to juggle on top of everything. During these times, it’s important to look for ways to reduce stress so you can keep your sanity.

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Work on Eliminating Financial Stress

With all the uncertainty in the economy, it’s critical to cut back on expenses in any way you can. Spending less on impulse purchases and shopping the grocery sales can help reduce your monthly costs. If you live with a partner or spouse and you both work from home you may find that you only need one car now. You might consider selling the extra vehicle or garaging it and taking it off the liability portion of your insurance policy.

Many recent college graduates emerged from their degree programs with a substantial debt owed on student loans. One of the best things you can do to save money is to refinance your student loans. Today’s interest rates are at historic lows. By refinancing, you’ll be able to pay off your high-rate loans and start saving money each month as you make payments at a much lower rate.

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Move to the Country and Rent or Buy a Cheaper Place

It looks like the pandemic has triggered a tidal change in the working world. Employers across many industries are now encouraging or requiring, employees to work from home. When you call to talk to a customer representative, you’ll often hear a child talking or a dog barking in the background as they tackle their same-day job from the kitchen table instead of the office cubicle.

Working from home appears to be here to stay. Employees can now take advantage of this change by leaving their costly city houses or apartments and moving to areas with a low cost of living. There is a night and day difference in the money you currently pay each month to maintain your urban, big-city dwelling and how affordably you can live in a more rural area.

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Enjoy Time Immersed in Nature

Spending all day, day after day, inside the four walls of your house or apartment is not good for your stress levels or your mental health. Humans were meant to discover new things each day or to at least have the pleasure of wondering what might be around the next corner.

When we are isolated and spend all our time inside, each new day increasingly becomes a mundane repetition of all the days before. One of the ways you can really help relieve the monotony and improve your well-being and mood is to spend time in nature.

Nature restores our rhythms and soothes our body and soul. When we are immersed in nature, we breathe easier and are filled with a sense of happiness and peace. It’s especially helpful if you can walk near a flowing body of water and benefit from the negative ions there.

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