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How do you manage to turn your home into your dream home this year? This is a question that shouldn’t concern you too much because the truth is that it doesn’t have to be tricky to give your home a luxury upgrade! Here is a little peek at some of the cool changes that you can make to your home to improve its look and appeal. It’s time to start seeing your home with a different eye.

kitchen with bright coloured accessories and chairs

Shake things up! 

Beige is a “strong” colour and you can show that you know the hottest fashion trends by putting on a little beige around the house. Add some cushions if you don’t want to buy a beige sofa. It is a light and airy touch that makes a big difference. In addition to this, to complement why not look at some new carpet. Refurbishing your floors can make a huge difference. With renovation experts, you can look at the best trends, materials and styles that could suit your home. 

A Wall Gallery combines the biggest trends and turns them into wall decorations, by putting butterflies, shells and any other things that you like on it. Make a beautiful wall gallery with a linen board with pieces of wood to make a natural frame, a board with butterflies and a board with shells to remember those summer memories. Add some photos and it becomes a wall of memories too. Impress your friends and remember the good times.

A coffee table can be the centre point!

A very original idea to decorate and give character to the coffee table of your living room is to put on it a vase of flowers different from the others. Choose a flat silver vase that looks incredibly luxurious and stylish and steal the show. Alternatively, if you prefer gold as a colour you can invest in this square gold vase. Keep it a place to pop your coffee, snacks and magazines and make it an inviting area of your room.

Kitchen renovations?

The first thing most of you do when you wake up is to make coffee and drink it in your favourite mug. Add a little more luxury to your life with some porcelain mugs that will also look vintage and expensive.  Learn to start your day with a small dose of luxury every day! And as for where you will place your porcelain mugs … and of course in the most beautiful, glamour ceramic gold coasters that will give an extra dose of luxury to the coffee table of your living room.

Whatever else you may have in mind for the decoration of each of your spaces, you can find so many ideas on Pinterest. From stylish vases and candlesticks, serving trays, flower pots, lanterns, wall and table clocks, frames and paintings, these can be found at thrift stores and online for great prices. Once you decorate your home with these decorations it will look and feel so luxurious and stylish that everyone will be taking inspiration from you for their next renovation and luxury upgrade! 

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